Vitapol Economic Food for Hamsters

By Vitapol

Vitapol Economic Food for Hamsters

Rs. 450.00
Rs. 450.00
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Product Type: Small Animal Food
Country of Origin: Poland

Vitapol Economic Food for Hamster is a staple mix of balanced grains and other seeds that makes up the staple food of rodents in the wild. Cereal grains provide the hamster with the proteins necessary for the proper growth and functioning of the body. The share of wheat flakes promotes proper intestinal peristaltic thanks to the high proportion of fibre. The flavour is added by the pieces of carob fruit with a taste and appearance similar to chocolate, but most importantly without caffeine and theobromine and oxalic acid blocking the proper absorption of calcium being toxic to rodents. The tannins contained in them inhibits the growth of bacteria in the digestive tract.

Pieces of roasted peanuts are a delicacy and despite the high-fat content, their small proportion in the dose has a positive effect on cell development, heart function and blood production. Carrot cubes contain a large number of vitamins and microelements, and the most valuable ingredient is beta-carotene, i.e. provitamin A. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the body - it repels attacks of bacteria and viruses, improves eyesight, but most of all it is a strong antioxidant, protecting the body against harmful effects, free from radicals. A valuable source of high-value protein is peas, which provide many amino acids that the hamster's body cannot produce on its own. On the other hand, dietary and easily digestible raisins are a tasty source of fibre, iron and potassium. Linseeds care for the proper, healthy condition of the skin and a shiny coat. Explore the variety of healthy food for rabbit and food for a baby rabbit, hamsters, parrot bird food, other bird food, small bird food, large bird food, cockatiel bird food, food for guinea pigs and other small animals at Dear Pet, India's best online pet shop.

Key Features

  • Complete mixtures that meet the daily requirements of animals for nutrients
  • Economical packaging at the lowest price
  • A resealable which keeps food fresh
  • Developed especially for the hamsters
  • Contains a high proportion of protein for proper nutrition


Wheat, Sunflower, Alfalfa, Grass, Corn, Red Sorghum, Oat Shelled, Wheat Groats, Dry Peas, Raisins, Sweetmeat And Beetroot.

Nutritional Analysis

RAW FAT 2.9%
RAW ASH 4.67%



  • Feed as prescribed by the vet
  • Always keep fresh food and water available 
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    t is made in Poland and 8-12 grams is recommended daily intake. The packaging is well done and the food is fresh. I think it is value for money considering this packet will go for 4 months.

    Thank you for your feedback.:)

    Complete food for hamsters

    The food consist of all different kind of dried veggies , wheat grain ,wood chunks and sunflower seeds mix which my hamsters love to eat and chew on . Bought this item from cloudtel seller @320/- ,as reviews had been bad because of expired or rotten food pack (probably purchased from other seller i guess ) . I am happy that my Syrian hamsters are getting their daily nutrition ,they start going crazy the moment I open the back . Good food mix for rodents.

    Thank you for your feedback.:)

    Worth buying

    I have been using since an year. Hamsters are in good health and I hardly see any leftovers.

    Thank you for your feedback.:)

    Best fro hamsters

    Give this to your hamster he/she will love it
    Also provide fresh veggies nuts and fruits to your hamster

    Thank you for your feedback.:)

    Yummy meals

    My hammy loves it.. good variety of grains and seeds..
    But my hammy didnt even eat the colourful pellets and the cylinderical pellets..
    A grain of advice for new hammy parents
    Overall its a good staple diet for hammies but also provide fresh fruits and veggies for complete nutrition

    Thank you for your feedback.:)