Trixie Soft Slicker Brush

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Trixie Soft Slicker Brush

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Product Type: Dog Grooming
Made in Germany

Trixie Soft Slicker Brush a very important amenity when you are a pet parent. This slicker brush will help to comb smoothening your pet's coat and remove matting. We recommend brushing or combing the coat at least once a week. Such a procedure not only improve the texture but will help to improve the quality of the fur. This slicker brush will help stimulating blood circulation and apart from that regular brushing helps to remove ticks and fleas from the fur. Explore the dog grooming/cat grooming products online at Dear Pet, India's best online pet shop.

Key Features

  • Cleanses the fur coat by removing dead air
  • Strong yet anti-harming bristles
  • Ideal for waterless shampoo or powder

Customer Reviews

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Very good brush

Dog's need regular combing, and while a normal comb is good for the outer coat, they typically need a combing of the inner coat layer as well. This helps them breathe, remove dead skin (so I have heard), and makes them shed less fur all over the house. This brush is perfect for that. Works well

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Works great for my furry

I thought that my dog hated grooming. Little did I know that I used the wrong kind of brush. Slicker brushes work great on furry pets to keep the coat healthy.
My baby loves this brush.

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Super impressed

My kitten loves being combed with this brush.. And it easily pulls dead hair.. The brush hairs ain't very sharp or harsh on kittens.. And the best part is its very easy to clean it after the brushing, Worth the price

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Order now

My house used to be full of hair but not anymore. We groom our Labrador twice a day and morning grooming is must. Using it from the day we got.
It just takes 3mins to groom and one should be ready to spend that on a daily basis if you don't want hair in your house.

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Excellent for heavy fur dogs

very efficient for dogs, my GSD got brushed with huge amount of loose hair, I highly recommend this for heavy haired dogs. Execllent product.

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