Sheba Maguro Selection Tuna Wet Cat Treat (All Breeds & Life Stages) - 48gm

By Sheba

Sheba Maguro Selection Tuna Wet Cat Treat (All Breeds & Life Stages) - 48gm

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Product Type: Cat Treats
Made in Thailand

Sheba Maguro Selection Tuna Wet Cat Treat has the creamy texture, turns out to be the best snack for your pet cat. These cat treats are irresistible and comes in a puree form. There's no need to look for a boul whenever you feed them this tempting cat treat. Feed them directly from the packet. Treats are one of the best ways to bond with your pet cat, and enhance your relationship with them even iif they are the fussy ones. It has a smooth texture and you can hand feed from the packet directly.

It is composed with a combination of fish and chicken, purely thick gravy. This cat treat offers your cat a maguro selection in two variants, namely, tuna & tuna and seafood flavours. Made with high quality ingredients including real chicken/fish, this delicious pet treat ensures a delicate experience that you and your cat will only appreciate. It has adequate ratio of proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is one of the healthy snacks for your pet cat so that you can feed them worry-free.

Key Features

  • Contains 4 sachets - 2 x Tuna & 2 x Tuna-Sea food
  • Suitable for cats of all breeds and life stages
  • Irresistible flavor and creamy texture to keep cat indulged
  • Feed directly through hand
  • Perfect cat treats while travelling with your pet cat
  • Tempting and palatable enough to bring you two closer
  • Combination of Tuna & Tuna and Sea food with chicken
  • Has creamy and smooth texture
  • Contains 90% moisture content to keep them hydrated & digestive health strong
  • Rich in digestible proteins and healthy for their consumption
  • Great calorific value in a small serving size - 8 Kcal/Sachet


Water, Chicken, Tuna,Thickening Agent (Modified Starch, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum ), Flavour, Prawn, EDTA , Sodium Nitrate

Nutritional Information

FAT 0.20% MIN

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Superb product. My cats are really interested with this.

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Avni Ahuja
Only the best for my Furbaby

My cat doesn't eat its food unless I top it with a little bit of Melty snacks. I dont know if this is a good things as its getting quite expensive. But still anything for my cat

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Shyam Tiwari
Cats loves these treats

I have 3 cats and all of them loved it.

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Manas Dondwani

Cats get rejuvenated after eating this

Thank you for your feedback.:)

These are healthy. Go for it

Though it is bit expensive better than the junk cat treats that are there in the market which might be unhealthy. This one seems fine and cat seems to like it.

Thank you for your feedback.:)