Pedigree Chicken and Milk Dry Puppy Food (All Breed Puppy Food)

By Pedigree

Pedigree Chicken and Milk Dry Puppy Food (All Breed Puppy Food)

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Product Type: Dog Food
Made in India

Pedigree Puppy Food- Chicken and Milk Dry Dog Food is what your little one needs. Developed by the Waltham Centre, it is packed with crude fat, proteins and fibre to help your puppy grow healthier and stronger every day. The presence of Zinc and Omega Fatty Acid in this product will keep your pet away from all kinds of skin problems and keep their coat soft, smooth and shiny so that you can continue pouring your love and see your little one grow.

Instructions while feeding

Please provide clean drinking water to your pet with every meal
If your dog doesn't enjoy this food, mix it well with its current food for a few days
Don't change or plan on changing your dog's diet before consulting a vet

Key Features

  • Suitable for all breed puppies
  • The chicken is fresh and has natural Taurine, Antioxidants and the right amount of Vitamin E that adds support to your dog's bones and joints
  • Strong Teeth- With the right ratio for Ca:P and the appropriate calcium level, the kibble makes your dog's dental health better
  • Strong Digestive System- Contains 85% fibre that keeps your dog's digestive system in shape, leading to a healthy bowel movement

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good food for my puppy

I have a 5 months old GSD puppy. She likes this food and will eat it. The food is dry so I usually mix it with water or curd or both for feeding my puppy. This is a quick goto food which u could give your dog when you don't have to prepare a meal for your dog yourself. Also the nutritional facts mentioned by pedigree are impressive and my dog looks healthy so I am happy.

Thank you for your feedback.:)

My puppies are sucker for this

I don't know what does this product have in it but puppies go crazy when they smell it. My puppies are just a month old, all of them and I was apprehensive it they could eat something hard and crispy as they had never eaten whole foods before but they seem to have taken a liking for it and munch on it like there is no end. Also, my dog is a first time mom and this product really helped when she did not want to feed them milk. I did not really have to put any effort in it, it draws them organically. Also, it has a great smell, so may be that is what makes them happy and crazy.

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The small pellets are easy for him to chew on

My puppy loves this to the core. He runs in circles when I mention pedigree word to it and gobbles it up in no time. The small pellets are easy for him to chew on. He smells it from afar and now knows where I store the food in my home and has been scratching the door of the cupboard where I store it. Using this as one of the meals where the second meal is home-cooked chicken or egg for him. Thanks, pedigree for making my life easier and my pup's life tastier!

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Pupps loved it

Came perfectly packed. Got it to feed some street pups and dogs. They love it! Start out with a small handful & then move on to a full size portion.

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Good for puppies, must give them while they are growing

It was 2nd time i ordered this 10kg pack Received in good condition ...
Product is good.
As it is pedigree no need to tell there products quality because it is always best.
Proper diet food for puppies.

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