Pedigree Milk Flavour Mother & Baby Starter Dry Dog Food (All Breed Puppies from 3-6 Weeks)

By Pedigree

Pedigree Milk Flavour Mother & Baby Starter Dry Dog Food (All Breed Puppies from 3-6 Weeks)

Price: Rs 600.00
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Product Type: Dog Food
Made in India

The immunity system from mother's milk is the best armour for puppies to help them grow up with proper physical and cognitive development. Your puppies can be weaned from about 3-6 weeks of age. The emergence of his first tooth are the signal that the pup is ready for his first meal. So once breast feeding is over, continue healthy growth with Pedigree Puppy Weaning. It is mild and easy to digest for better absorption. Every kibble is rich in Calcium, Protein, essential Vitamins & Minerals for healthy growth. Pedigree Puppy helps him grow strong and lets him enjoy all his puppy adventures.

Storage Information

When you buy Pedigree dog food, make sure it is properly sealed. On opening the pack, store the contents in an air-tight container, in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Key Features

  • Pedigree Starter Mother and Baby Dog food is an ideal food for pregnant and lactating mother & for weaning puppies
  • Has essential nutrients to support your pup's growth potential
  • Contains Vitamin E to support natural defense of weaning puppies
  • This dog food contains fibre to help maintain digestive health of pregnant and lactating mothers
  • DHA helps to support brain development in puppies


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shahabaaz Khan
Both dog and pup likes this.

It seems good as both mother and baby dog likes this.

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Helpful in gaining strength

I got it for some street puppies , they ate it all, saw them gaining strength so I'm happy.

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Improved digestion

It improved the digestion and helped in hair growth. You should definitely buy this one for your puppy dog.

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Good product and service

Good product, good service,thanks.

Thank you for your feedback.:)

If you care for your dog do get this

Great for babies. Helps build strength.

Thank you for your feedback.:)

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