Kong Gyro Dog Toy

By Kong

Kong Gyro Dog Toy

Price: Rs 1,399.00
Rs 1,399.00
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Product Type: Dog Toys
Made in China

The KONG Gyro is sure to entertain with irresistible roll and flip action keeping dogs enticed and intrigued. With the centre spinning orb and static outer ring, this dynamic toy encourages dogs to push, paw and roll the GYRO, delightfully dispensing tasty treat rewards along the way. Ideal for independent play, stuff with snacks or kibble for added fun and extended playtime. Available in large and small sizes.

The design is inspired with gyroscopes, this play toy flips, bounces and spins, keeping your pet engaged. This is a premium quality interactive toy that is a great treat dispenser to stimulate mental level of your pet. You can add your pet's favourite treat to keep your pets entertained. This treat dispenser helps in stimulating proper chewing mechanism for healthy digestion.

Safety Measures
  • Always buy perfect sized toys for your pet.
  • Always keep supervision whenever they are around toys.
  • Make sure to replace the toys when they are in a torn condition so that they do not consume the remains.

These come in the category of treat dispensing toys. These provide a perfect stimulation when it comes to their chewing abilities. These stand to help your pet during training. These promote slow consumption of the food so that they don't have to go through any digestive problems. These help to keep them busy for a longer time.

Cleaning Guide
  • Soak in warm water with dish soap to loosen leftovers
  • Use an old toothbrush to remove stubborn bits inside, rinse or, wash in the top rack of the dishwasher
Key Features
  • Perfect treat dispensing toy for your pets
  • Has enticing action techniques for an interesting roll, bounce and flip action
  • Has a dynamic centre and a static outer ring
  • Gives an extended playtime experience
  • A perfect interactive toy for a longer play-time experience
  • Easy to install your pets favourite treats
  • The spinning movement will keep them engaged
  • Helps in healthy mental stimulation

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great feeder

A little tricky getting the top to go back on its aligned thread and a little smaller than expected but my daschund cross loves his meals in this.

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Very good product

This product looks set to last. Easily goes in dishwasher for superb cleaning.

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Safe and healthy alternative for food bowls

Safe and healthy alternative for food bowls

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No more problems

Completely does away with any fast eating or choking problems. It keeps him excited and active.

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I would definitely recommend to friends and family. The small was a perfect size too

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