Dear Pet Yellow & Pink Dog T-Shirt

By Dear Pet

Dear Pet Yellow & Pink Dog T-Shirt

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Product Type: Dog Clothing
Made in India

We have all loved our pet's bare bodies and their fluffy fur ever since they came into our lives. It is time to revamp their looks with quirky T-Shirts and popping colours will always compliment your pet's fur coat, be it any shade.

Dear Pet Yellow & Pink Dog T-Shirt is a statement for fashion in comfort. These T-Shirts add as much comfort and protection as it adds to the looks of your pet, it will only compliment your pet's attitude, and will definatly match their furcoat. The breathable cotton fabric makes the shirt appropriate for pleasant to moderate weather conditions. The stretchability of the cloth provides ease of wearability, slipping on and undoing the T-Shirt is very easy. The overall colour is yellow, and the sleeves are pink, making it a cool tshirt for a cool pet.

The dual colour of the T-Shirt is a mute extension of the personality of your dog. It adds class and energy to the already pleasing appearance of your pet. Times when your pet is losing its fur or shaved for some reason; these T-Shirts become their layer of protection. Machine washability and accessible cleaning ensures hygienic lifestyle of our pets. A variety of colours and designs are there in the range to suit every mood and personality of your pet. Our collection boasts cosiness, help dogs recover from the cold atmosphere. These are suitable for puppies in their growing age, since their fur isn't fully developed, therefore helps in coating a soft layer to keep them warm.

Key Features

  • Cotton fabric
  • Streatchable & Breathable
  • Double colour, double fun
  • Half-Sleeve - To ease their movements
  • Crew neck - Adjusts appropriately
  • Fashionable and comfortable
  • Avalaible in multiple sizes, colours and patterns
  • Machine washable - Gentle wash prefered
  • Front and back yellow, with pink on the sleeves

Customer Reviews

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Can it be washed at home? 
We advise you to give it a gentle wash, avoid brushing.

Is it comfortable to wear for more than 2 hours?
The fabric is breathable, if your dog is comfortable wearing it and the weather is appropriate for it, then there should not be any issues with it.

Is it okay to wear T-Shirts in the summer season?
It is okay if the pet is comfortable wearing it. But we do not recommend it for more than a few hours even in an air-conditioned environment.  

Will the colour fade away if it comes in contact with water?
No, the cotton-lycra fabric does not bleed colour when it comes in contact with water.

When will it be delivered?
Orders within Delhi NCR will get delivered within 24 hours. Whereas orders outside Delhi NCR may take upto 10 days to get delivered. Please contact our customer care team for more details.
What is the fabric of the T-shirts?
Little Beast & Orange Variant - Cotton
Pink & Yellow, Sea Green & Yellow Variant - Cotton & Polyester

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