Dear Pet Swing Toy with a Bell for Birds

By Dear Pet

Dear Pet Swing Toy with a Bell for Birds

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Rs 199.00
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Product Type: Small Animal Food
Made in India

Toys have played a vital role in our lives. They have imprinted on our lives in a way that even after growing up, we still have a memory of those special few. It's the same when it comes to animals. Choosing a toy for them is equally essential and even if with scars of their chewing, they always keep their favourite ones for a long time unless their hooman interferes.

Dear Pet Swing Toys with Bells are going to be the favourite ones for pet birds. These swing toys are sturdy and entertaining; you will soon see your pet birds getting familar with them in no time. Since birds enjoy free flying more than anything, let them be and add these swing toys to their favourite spot so that they can assume sitting on a perch as if enjoying the view from the tree. The bells attached will give them company, singing the hymns with their chirping sound.

This bird toy isn't going to tangle when they swing on it. It is built using a non-corrossive material, with colourful beads and golden bells which makes it appealing. And hoomans can enjoy seeing their favourites having the best of time using this swing toy.
Key Features
  • For love birds, parakeets, budgie, and other small birds
  • Help keeping your pet birds occupied & entertained
  • Contains colourful beads and bells
  • Made of non-corrosive material
  • Sturdy and attractive
  • Avoids tangling

Customer Reviews

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Fabulous Product

Awesome One.very nice packaging. No damage.

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It's a great toy for a picky cat.

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Swings are very nice.

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Must buy

It's really bigger than I thought. And it's quality is also good

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