Dear Pet Sweater in Teal for Dogs

By Dear Pet

Dear Pet Sweater in Teal for Dogs

Price: Rs 1,399.00
Rs 1,399.00
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Product Type: Dog Clothing
Made in India

Dear Pet Sweater in Teal for Dogs has something called the essence of winters. Always keep your pets winter ready with this cosy sweater. It is fabricated using soft baby wool which adds an ultimate layer of smoothness to keep your pet comfortable & warm. It will help to keep your dog away from rashes or infections. Made with recycled material and is stretchable enough to give the best fitting to your pet. Dear Pet Sweater for dogs is available in 4-Sizes. Please refer to the size chart for more details. Explore the exciting and popping collection of dog sweaters online at Dear Pet, India's best online pet shop.

In countries like India, where the countries have varied temperature ranges, a pet parent must be nourishment ready for everything. You can not make a fair choice between a colder breed dog or a hot breed one, so you can only help them by adding an extra layer to their life. 

Dear Pet Sweaters are for those gloomy days when your pet seeks your help in keeping them warm.  acrylic material provides the stretch that helps in the easy wearability of the sweater. The woolly fabric is appropriate for trapping the body heat in such cold weather. The fabric does not hinder any physical movement of your dog. The warmth relieves the dog of the cold waves so that the dog can play happily.

This sweater goes with the vibe of the season along with the white patches. The colour is the star of the outfit, for its Christmassy feel and pop of colour. Our winter collection boasts cosiness, helps dogs recover from the cold atmosphere, is suitable for puppies in their growing age, since their fur isn't fully developed, therefore helping in coating a soft layer to keep them warm.

Sweaters are fabricated using pet-friendly materials; are easy to wear and take off, avoiding any mess or irritation to your pet. These are manufactured in India and therefore we can stay confident about what we serve for our pets. These won’t irritate their skin, cause rashes, and balance body heat to avoid instances of heat strokes. 

Key Features
  • Suitable for all ages of dogs
  • Material- 100% Acrylic, Recyclable wool with a soft finish
  • Colour: Teal
  • Have no buttons, velcro or zippers
  • No more skin allergies and irritations
  • Dear Pet Sweaters are available in 4 sizes

S- 13x14x10 inch
M- 13x19x14 inch
L- 16x24x18 inch
XL- 23x33x26 inch

Note- There will be a slight variation in the colour in real as compared to the pictures because of the different lighting environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Love it

Very soft and comfortable sweater. Allows for easy movement of my dog. Quite warm. Teal color looks beautiful.

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Nice bright color. Value for money

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Fit is nice

Fitting is good, pattern is nice and the stuff is warm.. nice product

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Quite possibly the best

Good clothing for your lovely dogs at home.

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Good quality product

Check size according to size graph and you're all set.

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How long can a dog wear a sweater?
Ideally, you must let your dog's skin breathe after 4-8 hours by removing the sweater. This will provide them with the breather they require to release their normal oils and discourage the production of skin allergies.

Can you leave a sweater on a dog?
If it is really cold, it is better to get them a sweater than to not have one. You just have to regularly change the sweater as you do it for yourself, for hygiene purposes.

Is it safe for a dog to sleep in a sweater?
No, it is only important for them to have a protective layer outside the home. Their coats are well equipped to maintain the body temperature.

Can it be washed at home? 
We advise you to give it a gentle hand wash, avoid brushing.

How do I know what size sweater to get my dog?
There is a size chart available in the images or check out the video to measure your pet accurately.

What types of dogs need sweaters?
Especially dogs that have thick coats like Chow Chow, Huskies, Pomeranian, do not need an extra coat. Only when you take your dog out for strolling or some other occasion should you consider letting them wear an extra layer of protection. 

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