Dear Pet Olive Sweatshirt for Dogs

By Dear Pet

Dear Pet Olive Sweatshirt for Dogs

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Rs 549.00
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Product Type: Dog Clothing
Made in India

As a pet parent, you would know that there are days when your pet is just not ready to leave their blanket, but they need to be taken for strolling. The tastiest of treats cannot get them out of bed, for it is the warmth of bed that your pet is seeking. For those lazy days, Dear Pet Sweatshirts provides just the right coziness to your pet.

These are made using fabric that is neither too warm nor too cold, made using cotton to help give them comfortability during the season. Velcro closures on the front ease the process of slipping on and undoing the sweatshirt. The hoodie is an added protection for the fur, keeping it away from dirt to get in. It is further complemented with lace. It comes with a single colour option of lace i.e. black. The lace will help in tightening and loosening up the size of the hoodie as per the head of your dog and the titch button on the top attaches the hoodie so that it won't come in your pet's way when not in use.

Alongside the protection comes the fashion part of the sweatshirts. Its popping colour compliment the contrast of their fur. The olive colour hooded sweatshirt is a classic piece in any wardrobe, let it be a part of your dog's staples. The black lace is a complimenting feature in this sweatshirt. It will add an appealing factor for your furry. You can choose from a range of sweatshirts for your pet. Our winter collection boast cosiness, helps dogs recover from the cold atmosphere, is suitable for puppies in their growing age, since their fur isn't fully developed, therefore helping in coating a soft layer to keep them warm.

Key Features

  • Cotton fabric
  • Velcro closures on front
  • Stitched pockets
  • Does not hinder movement
  • Fabric is breathable
  • Peppy colours and designs
  • Olive colour sweatshirt
  • Half sleeve, to avoid hanging loose
  • Adjustable hoodie with a Black coloured lace
  • Available in multiple sizes

Customer Reviews

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How long can a dog wear a sweater?
Ideally, you must let your dog's skin breathe after 4-8 hours by removing the sweater. This will provide them with the breather they require to release their normal oils and discourage the production of skin allergies.

Can you leave a sweater on a dog?
If it is really cold, it is better to get them a sweater than to not have one. You just have to regularly change the sweater as you do it for yourself, for hygiene purposes.

Is it safe for a dog to sleep in a sweater?
No, it is only important for them to have a protective layer outside the home. Their coats are well equipped to maintain the body temperature.

Can it be washed at home? 
We advise you to give it a gentle hand wash, avoid brushing.

How do I know what size sweater to get my dog?
There is a size chart available in the images or check out the video to measure your pet accurately.

What types of dogs need sweaters?
Especially dogs that have thick coats like Chow Chow, Huskies, Pomeranian, do not need an extra coat. Only when you take your dog out for strolling or some other occasion should you consider letting them wear an extra layer of protection. 

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