Dear Pet Fish Slow Feeder Bowl

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Dear Pet Fish Slow Feeder Bowl

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Rs 494.00
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Product Type: Dog Bowls & Feeders
Made in India

Slow feeders are the rulers when it comes to helping prevent gulping issues when feeding your pet dog. These help build a healthy relationship between your pet and food. Notice your dog's behaviour when you pour in their favourite food in their favourite bowl. They just don't stop until they eat the final piece. That surely looks adorable but that's a sign. Eating quick causes a series of problems like bloating, indigestion and gastric issues.

If there's no compromise choosing the best food for your doggo then why the bowls. And that's when Slow Feeders comes into the picture. These contain puzzle or maze-like structures that create different doorways to keep the food for them. Now until and unless they eat slowly, they won't be able to wipe the bowl clean.

What makes slow feeders exciting?

Imagine you have your favourite dish on the plate and you just can't get to it freely. You have to work hard to finish your meal. The same goes with pets, they love their food more than anything, of course, keeping treats out of the picture. They will work hard and learn ways to rotate their tongue so that it can reach the corners easily. And once they reach a small portion, they will work for more. This will keep them excited and they will start enjoying their food in their new and unique bowl.

You will find these in multiple colours, sizes and patterns. Choose the one that fits your pet, make sure that the type of bowl comforts their face so that they can reach deep down the lair.

When buying a feeding bowl for your pet, make sure it matches the size of your pet and their muzzle area so that they can enjoy the food and finish it 100%.

Tip: Always make sure that their bowl is cleaned because the leftover bits can become home to bacterias and cause them major health issues.

Key Features

  • Capacity : 250 ml
  • Comes in different sizes, patterns and colours
  • Best interactive experience for your pet
  • Help boost digestion as they eat slow
  • Help prevent choking
  • Help keeping control on the portion size
  • Help prevent bloating
  • Keeps their gulping in control
  • Made of non toxic silicone

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love the quality

Love the quality of this bowl. My puppy who gobbled her food on 5-10 seconds now takes 10 minutes to eat a small quantity of food.

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Nice and sturdy

Perfect for a slow feeder. Nice and sturdy and easy clean

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Excellent purchase

Excellent purchase

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Works on my doberman

Works. My Doberman pup takes at least 10-15 mins now compared to a minute earlier...

Thank you for your feedback.:)

My french bulldog is now fine

My french bulldog was fine using this slowed her down eating loads. A Lot better for her health wise.

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Which bowl is better for my pet?
Selecting a bowl isn’t an easy task, since there are different categories of bowls available. The selection varies depending on the breed of dogs that you have. If their jaw is flat and not pointy, opt for the shallow bowls. If otherwise, opt for the bowls deep enough to fit their pointy nose. Choose elevated bowls for senior dogs to support their back since they cannot bend like they use to once before.  

When will it be delivered?
Orders within Delhi NCR will get delivered within 24 hours. Whereas orders outside Delhi NCR may take upto 10 days to get delivered. Please contact our customer care team for more details.

Are these washable?
Yes, these bowls contain a removable bowl that is made of stainless steel which can be easily washed.

How often should I wash the bowl?
There’s no set frequency to wash their bowls, but they should always be fed in a clean bowl so that their food isn’t infected with the bacteria from the remains of the last feeding.

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