Dear Pet Designer Dual Bowl for Dogs

By Dear Pet

Dear Pet Designer Dual Bowl for Dogs

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Product Type: Dog Bowls & Feeders
Made in India

Dear Pet Designer Dual Bowls are one spot solution for all your dog's feeding requirements. It provides a set place for both dog food and water. With steel bowl, it is a safe and easily washable option for their daily feedings. The brick design accentuates the vibe of the house and helps de-clutter space. Available in 3 beautiful colours, these bowls are an appropriate choice that accomplishes all-in-one feeding requirements, avoiding any spillage or messy accidents.

When buying a feeding bowl for your pet, make sure it matches the size of your pet and their muzzle area so that they can enjoy the food and finish it 100%.

There are several bowls to pick from. Yes, it may seem confusing to select the best for your pet, here’s your guide which will help you understand more about what kind of bowls will suit your pet.
When a dog is in a pup stage, their face isn’t wide enough, the jaw isn’t fully developed, therefore, they need small-sized, wider bowls to fit their mouth in. As they grow, the size of bowl should grow with it, sizes in terms of its width, size in terms of height.

Bigger pets require bigger bowls to fit their mouth in, to be precise, so that they can swirl their tongue to the corners and finish their food completely. The height of the bowl increases as per the height of the pet. That’s when elevated bowls come into the picture. Dogs with long legs or even who belong to an older lifestage cannot go down towards the bowl to eat, therefore these elevated bowls add to their support.

These dog bowls are available in a wide variety of colours, structures and sizes. Always seek an expert to understand bowls or read more about their uses and then make an informed decision.

Tip: Always make sure that their bowl is cleaned because the leftover bits can become home to bacterias and cause them major health issues.

Key Features

  • Available in 3 attractive colours
  • Easily washable
  • Steel top
  • Beautiful brick design
  • Saves space
  • 2-in-1 option for water and food
  • Capacity
    • S : 180 ml (90 ml each)
    • M : 400 ml (200 ml each)
    • L : 700 ml (350 ml each)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Easy to clean and carry around

It's sturdy and easy to clean. Also easy to carry around when needed.

Thank you for your feedback.:)



Thank you for your feedback.:)

My pet liked it

My pet liked it. Don't think, just grab it.

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Good one

Good one easy to wash. Easy to handle. My pup love it.

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Its prefect for my pet

It’s perfect for my pet. She is a lhasa apso and a picky eater, but when i place the food in the bowl and give it a tilted look she eats that food pretty quick. So kudos to this product!!

Thank you for your feedback.:)

Which bowl is better for my pet?
Selecting a bowl isn’t an easy task, since there are different categories of bowls available. The selection varies depending on the breed of dogs that you have. If their jaw is flat and not pointy, opt for the shallow bowls. If otherwise, opt for the bowls deep enough to fit their pointy nose. Choose elevated bowls for senior dogs to support their back since they cannot bend like they use to once before.  

When will it be delivered?
Orders within Delhi NCR will get delivered within 24 hours. Whereas orders outside Delhi NCR may take upto 10 days to get delivered. Please contact our customer care team for more details.

Are these washable?
Yes, these bowls contain a removable bowl that is made of stainless steel which can be easily washed.

How often should I wash the bowl?
There’s no set frequency to wash their bowls, but they should always be fed in a clean bowl so that their food isn’t infected with the bacteria from the remains of the last feeding.

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