Bayer Kiltix Tick Collar for Dog

By Kiltix

Bayer Kiltix Tick Collar for Dog

Price: Rs 690.00
Rs 690.00
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Product Type: Dog Collars & Leashes
Made in Germany

Kiltix Dog Collar is an appropriate solution to aid the infestation of the deadly parasites from your dog. It contains an active ingredient Flumethrin which is one of the effective tick-killing treatments that not only kills ticks but repels them. Known as the hotfoot effect, ticks are repelled before getting a chance to attach. Flumethrin is released from the collar as a fine powder that gets distributed around your pet's body as they move. Explore the best dog collar online and shop what suits best for your furry.

Key Features

  • Powerful with propoxur to kill parasites
  • Contains active ingredients like Flumethrin which keeps the ticks, fleas & mites away
  • Works for at least 6 months
  • Do not allow pets to chew it
  • Not suitable for cats.
  • Make sure that Kiltix Collar should be loosely fitted around the neck of your dogs.

Customer Reviews

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Chitwan Dhuliya
Best Hygiene collar for dogs

I bought an anti- tick collar for my dog-1 year old, shows impressive results, delivered on same day. Hard to come across such a polite and smooth customer support.

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