How do the fast and easy DearPet exchange works?

To place a request, reach out to us via email/text/call and state your reason for an exchange. Once the request is received, we will initiate the further process on our end. Kindly make sure to make an unboxing video before placing the request to help us understand the situation better.

Please send us the request within 48 hours of the delivery.

Contact Details:

+91-9111 888 111 ||

A-2/145-A, Keshav puram Delhi-110035

However, in any case if your requested product or its size isn't available please contact our customer care department for better clarification. We don't cater to refunds but we can offer an equal credit to your order which you can use to place your next order. (Please contact our customer care department to know your eligibility for the same)  

What if my product is damaged/expired/wrong?

Our team does proper quality checks on every order that ships because our feeling of love for our little ones is mutual. If you have still received a damaged or a wrong product, drop us a text/email or give us a call: +91-9111 888 111 || You will be informed about the next steps accordingly.
Note: Make sure to check whether the seal is intact or not because if not then the product won't be eligible for the exchange. Please pack the product in the same condition as you have received it. 

IMPORTANT: Kindly make a product-unboxing video while opening the package for the first time. And place the return request within 48 hours from when the product was delivered to you.

Which products are eligible for the returns?

All our products which come under the below-mentioned categories will be eligible for an exchange.


  • Spoilt Order
  • Expired Product
  • Damaged Product

Which products are not eligible for the returns?

We make sure to deliver healthy and appropriate products for your pets. Below mentioned are the non-eligible items. However an exception will be made if you receive a defective or spoilt product.

  • All food items and treats
  • Personalised or Customised Accessories like collar, leash & harness
  • Beds, crates & carriers
  • Toys for both dogs and cats
  • Items purchased on sale
  • Face Masks, Dog Pads/Diapers & Wipes

What about the delivery charges of the products for an exchange?

Please contact customer care for the details about the delivery charges when processing the exchange. 

Contact: +91-9111888111 | 7669932322

How long will it take for the return process to complete?

We will make sure that the return is smooth and fast. As we receive your request for an exchange within 48 hours of the product delivery, we will ship the exchanged product after it gets approved from the quality team. It will reach you within 10-12 business days.

Due to the current scenario of pandemic COVID-19, there might be some delays, but your product and your money is in safe hands


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A-2/145-A, Keshav puram Delhi -110035

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