Dogs in their puppy stage are too fragile to handle rough & tough situations, especially when it comes to food. Therefore it is crucial to opt for a tailor-made diet which can fill their nutrition charts & help them grow healthy.

Life Stages

0-2 Months

This puppy stage demands mother's milk to fulfil their nutrition. But if they are alone or rescued, you can start their weaning process. Again, opt for the starter food options for them and avoid giving them solid food.

3-4 Months

If the puppies haven't yet started weaning, this is your queue. Start by increasing the percentage of food and intervals of feeding as per the vet's advice. Practice it for 3-4 weeks and gradually increase their feedings.

5-6 Months

Since puppies have become more active than before, there is a need to increase the intervals of feeding parallel to the solid food intake so that you can compensate for the high energy expenditure from their rigorous hopping and running.

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Food is all-time happiness for pets.

However, since they are in the starting stage of development, they will require balanced nutrition and light as a mother's milk. These are specially made to boost their overall health. Our Puppy Food are balanced with the digestible protein to boost their digestibility.

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Treats are an essential part of a dog's life.

Treats are an essential part of a dog's life. These are a friend, a source of fun, a motivation for training & fulfil their cravings at any time of the day. These are not to be treated as an alternative to their regular meals, just like snacks cannot replace breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Grooming is important part of a pup's development.

All our grooming products, counting shampoos & conditioners, combs, wipes, brushes, towels and more help keeping them fragrant & free from bacterias causing itching. However, grooming them isn't an easy task to perform; it calls for patience.

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Are you buying the first toy for your pup?

Let them bedazzle you with their unique ways so that even you can feel cheered. Well, toys play an essential role in keeping them mentally balanced. These help them during teething and are the best companions for them.

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