Towels & Wipes for Cats

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Felines are self-groomers, but sometimes you need to step in to assist. Grooming your cat can become one of the best times for both of you, but this depends on the mood. Never pick a time when you are stressed and your cat’s in a bad mood because it is a smooth and patient process. The range of shampoos available in our collection is free from chemicals and from well-known brands like Trixie, Petkin, Forbis, Tropiclean, and Bio-groom etc. Just pick the right time to bathe your furball with the shampoo from our collection.

The ear-wash will clean the ear wax and free your furball from all kind of infections. Apart from that you can use the shampoo specially formulated for the kittens to ease their skin and fur. You can buy the towels and wipes to clean their fur. The texture is smooth so that the friction won’t create a rash.

Our tick and flea shampoo collection will help in removing all those blood-sucking parasites away from the cats. Explore the brushes and use one for your cat every day or even twice a day to massage their fur so that it can relieve them with the infestations in possible ways.

Get ready with your cat's grooming kit now.

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