Taste Of The Wild Dog Food

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Taste of the Wild is a highly recommended brand for dog pet parents to feed their dogs. The brand projects the ideation from the simplicity of nature, it brings down the overhyped jazz of fancy ingredients. It simply focuses on the whole-prey diet that must have been a staple food for dogs, had it been in the wilderness of nature.

It believes in fulfiling the high protein requirements in feline, as opposed to the domesticated lifestyle.

  • Ingredient transparency and trust go hand in hand, they ensure this building of trust between their customers and themselves.
  • An important characteristic of non-rendered meat is followed by the brand; which focuses on the avoidance of the overcooking of the meat, which takes them away from their natural diets.
  • No-byproduct meals; real animal protein is the authentic feed for canines. They maintain it by only using real, pasture-based Angus beef, cage-free Turkey or spring-fed Trout.
  • Genetically modified ingredients like corns, soya, are consciously avoided so that it does not harm the feline's digestive system.
  • Colouring, preservatives, flavours are a strict no in the formulation.
  • 80 million CFU/LB Probiotics guaranteed.

Taste of Wild dog food online or offline is also quite commendable, it is available in all sizes, ranges in India, at the best prices.

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