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Dearpet Coat whitening Shampoo with Natural Actives
This is a Fur-Friendly oatmeal shampoo that will make your furry's bath time fun and fragrant. Dearpet Coat whitening Shampoo with Natural Actives is packed with all the essential skin-nourishing extracts with the added oatmeal extracts and tea tree fragrance to...
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Grooming is one of the most important things for your furry because it helps them stay healthy and fragrant. Some consider regular bathing, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Dear Pet offers a range of dog grooming products which not only helps in keeping your furry clean and hygienic, but it adds to their regular health check-up. It helps in keeping their fur coat clean.

Dear Pet’s grooming collection hones the way to do it because these are devoid of any harmful chemicals and have natural extracts of fruits, vegetables and essential oils. Apply the shampoo thoroughly to free them from parasitic influence and infestation. Our range of tick and flea removal shampoo adds to it because it is medically fit for your furry’s skin, but you will have to seek the vet’s advice for the schedule.

Furries with the long and thick coat over their skin need regular brushing, it is an essential part of their daily hygiene. It keeps their coat away from tangling and helps in removing the ticks and fleas. It further helps in cleaning the knotting or matting over their skin.

Explore the range of brushes, combs, towels, wipes and more to start your furry’s grooming instantly.

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