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Pedigree is the dog food that has become a staple to every pet-owning family. With a legacy of 60 years, it provides an expansive range of products and variety. The brand is fully accomplished in providing for the needs of different dog breeds, at their different life stages. Pedigree deals in various innovative widely loved recipes and treats. Their nutritional commitment work to encourage, fortify, support and fuel a dog's power to their healthiest self.

Pedigree encourages to read the labels for a pet parent to know what is going inside the body of your dog. They use ground whole corn and ground whole wheat in their recipes which maintains lean muscles and is a great source of energy in canines. Animal fat is also used to contribute to the energy along with the health of fur coat. To ingest the food easily beet pulp and brewers rice is incorporated into the diet.

The requirement of essential amino acids, calcium and phosphorous is fulfilled with the Meat and bone meal. Vegetable oil protects the fur and skin of a canine from disease and adds lustrous shine to it. Pedigree is all the goodness packed in a packet for your pet dogs. The online and offline availability of Pedigree is unparallel to any other brand in the market of pet food.

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