Orijen Dog Food India

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The name of the brand suggests the ethos and most pressing concerns of the brand, i.e; borne out of the origin. It tries to mimic the natural diet of the Whole-prey species, to make them feel more at home. The trust and belief of more than a quarter-century only inspire the brand to strive for better.

It combines the science of nutrients with the tasteful buds of a dog.

  • Biologically tested & freshly regional ingredients to enhance your dog's mealtime experience.
  • The brand strictly believes in the goodness of regional fresh ingredients and stays away from outsourcing. Orijen believes that an amalgamation of fresh and raw meat is the only way of keeping pets healthy.
  • The brand boasts 85-95% of premium animal ingredient, making it the world’s best.

Orijen dedicates itself day and night to stand up to its world-class standards of authenticity, nutritional values and food safety.

The accuracy with taste and nutritional integrity is ensured by innovative, modern kitchens; that is at par with any human food industry. This exemplifies their exceptional quality and zeal towards bringing the very best to the table, for their loved pets.

Widely available, Orijen food is flavourful and ranges among the different recipes.

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