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NPIC is one of the pioneer brands that began and is still practising with the ethos of nature and animals first. In 1996, it emerged as a natural, biodegradable alternative to plastics utilising vegetable proteins, which soon turned into a canine-centric brand, for vegetable proteins had a natural application for dog bones. NPIC enjoys a legacy of goodness; it commits to the needs of pets and pledges to only use natural nutritious ingredients in their recipes. NPIC Twistix is one of the famous names that are on most pet parent's speed dial.

The brand philosophises that the happiness of a dog is directly dependent on their gut, which eventually influences the happiness of the pet parent; making the human-canine bond even stronger. 

Treats manufactured by NPIC are not just a delight for a dog’s taste buds, but a dog’s various health issues, like digestive, urinary tract, joint mobility and puppy teething relief. It includes several other health benefits such as:





Low Calorie

Low Fat

A dog’s health is their utmost priority as a brand. Thus they make sure their recipes are allergen-friendly :

Corn Free

Dairy Free

Grain Free

Gluten Free

Soy Free


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