Little BigPaw Dog Food

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Little BigPaw enjoys the status of the fastest growing brand in the market of pet food. Little BigPaw began to treat pets with love in the form of its delicious meals. It began as the conscious and genuine efforts of 2 people to feed their pets something new, tasty and equally healthy, but not predominantly dry. Their experiment on their pets led them to create this revolutionary brand that very soon rose to the heights of one of the best companies trading overseas in the year 2018.

The 2 owners took on themselves to consult nutritionists, visited the factories and chose this without compromising on the taste of the food. A lot of meat, natural local ingredients, expert advice and experience, helped them create wet food that all the tastes in the world.

They take great care of the food preferences of dogs and have formulated a way that eradicates the chance of allergies in them due to food, completely. Single source meats are used to maintain the status of hypoallergenic, particularly with wet foods. Consequently, this suits the digestive system of the pets, without making it utterly dry.

Little BigPaw completely avoids:

  • Artificial preservatives
  • Flavourings
  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Artificial Colorants
  • Grain
  • Soya

The food instead is packed with proteins, natural carbs, vitals like vitamins and minerals, Omega oils and Fats and Healthy Herbs. The extensive online availability of Little BigPaw and packaging technique makes the brand reachability easier.

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