Jerhigh Dog Food

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JerHigh Stix Bites Training Dog Treats (For all dog breeds) - 100gm
JerHigh Stix Bites Dog Treats are one of the healthiest treats for your dog. It is packed with Vitamin E with its antioxidant properties. This dog food is beneficial for gaining healthy muscles, provide support for the circulatory system and...
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Jerhigh is a Thailand based brand that involves providing dry and wet recipes, along with treats for your pet dogs. The brand guarantees the use of premium quality chicken which fulfils protein requirements made from real meat and fresh ingredients.

 They mimic the same standards for pet food as that of humans. Jerhigh ensures that the treats it provide works in full favour of the canine body in respect to the nutritional quotient, and also make it easily digestible. The food they manufacture provides a wholesome meal to your canines; with proper quantities of protein, fats, fibre, moisture and vitamin E.

 The treats and recipes are tested in laboratories before presenting them to our pooches. Extensive researches have been undertaken to keep up with the hygiene, safety parameter set by the brand itself. The convenient packaging and shape of the product ease the feeding experience for the pet parent. Options like; Spinach stick provides a more vegetarian source of proteins too.

 A range of variety is maintained to cater to every dog's need and moods. Jerhigh is easily available in any nearby pet store online or offline.

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