Hygiene & Care - Dogs

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Hygiene is one of the essential aspects of your furry’s healthy growth. In terms of potty training, it is crucial to have the right products with you so that your space isn’t talking about your furry’s litter. Dear Pet litter training tools will help to clean up your furry’s mess & you can use it all day long. 

Use the stain and odour control solution on the furniture and floor if that mess left its mark. This solution will keep fragrance in control and neutralises the stains of vomit, faeces and urine smoothly. Oral care is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle for your furry because if dental hygiene is left unattended, it impacts the overall health. These products are fit for daily usage. 

So, keep your arsenal ready with the hygiene and care kit to keep your space and your furry clean, healthy and fragrant.

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