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Happi Doggy hammers an approach of maintaining the oral health of dogs while giving them the best taste and flavours in all its variety. Not many pet parents witness the importance of oral health of their fur buddies until some serious ailments knock at their doorstep. Hence, Happi Dog began with an aim to not only formulate treats that benefit the gum health of your fur babies but also educate the pet parents of the dire need to focus on this aspect of health too.  

Happi Doggy decided to put their research to the right use, and combine a variety of powerful, all-natural ingredients and create one wholesome dental chew perfect for our fur babies.

The happy doggy chew has the perfect blend of cleansing properties, tastes great and makes the canine body robust and happy.

 The brand enlists four reasons to convince every pet parent to incorporate these tasty bites in their baby’s diet, twice a day.

  • The treats do not contain any grains or gluten that could ultimately harm their health.


  • Like humans, Dogs too develop tartar and plaque in their teeth; if not properly cared for. These treats are a one-step solution for that too.
  • It freshens their breath, making them feel more rejuvenated and loveable.

There is no reason why you should not provide your fur babies with a treat fully packed with health benefits. 

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