Me-O Ocean Fish Dry Kitten Food (For Kittens of all breeds)
Me-O Ocean Fish Dry Kitten Food is a well-nourished, digestible kitten food that has all the vital components that help to maintain overall health and wellbeing. It is a balanced meal that is composed of protein, calcium, phosphorous and vitamins....
from Rs. 370.00
Whiskas Ocean Fish and Milk Dry Kitten Food (All breed kitten and gestating mothers)
Whiskas Ocean Fish and Milk Kitten Food is a balanced recipe that provides moisture and nourishment for a healthy, active growing cat that requires specific care and nutrition. A cat’s love for fish is blended with loads of calcium, phosphorus,...
Rs. 180.00 Rs. 175.00
Me-O Creamy Bonito Adult Cat Treats(All breed adult cats)
Me-O Creamy Bonito Cat Treats are rich in flavours, composed of bonito fish. These treats are what your cats desperate about and these help in fulfilling their cravings. These will be your healthy choice to feed your feline a snack...
from Rs. 360.00
Kennel Kitchen Tuna In Jelly Wet Cat Food (All breeds Adult Cats and Kittens)
Kennel Kitchen Tuna in jelly is made with 100% natural Tuna meat. Natural Tuna pate made with the perfect balance of protein to fat ratio to maintain lean and strong bodies. Explore the collection of wet cat food online at Dear...
Rs. 480.00 from Rs. 456.00
GiGwi Roll-tailed Mouse with Changeable Catnip Bag Cat Toy
GiGwi Roll-tailed Mouse stimulates cat’s hunting instinct and lets cats clean their teeth by playing. Small nubs help massage cat’s gums and soft material won’t hurt their teeth. Just give the toy to cats and watch them play. Explore the exciting...
Rs. 450.00
Kong Kickeroo Cozie Cat Toy
Rs. 525.00
Kong Kickeroo Cozie Cat Toy
KONG Kickeroo has a long tail that encourages your cat to kick with hind paws, promoting tons of healthy, full-body activity. This Kickeroo's ultra-plush fabric is lovely for snuggling, while the crinkling sound keeps kitties interested. The Cozie Kickeroo appeals...
Rs. 525.00