Doggie Dabbas

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Doggie Dabbas is another Indian brand with an innovative approach towards dog food. The brand believed bridged the gap between the modern advancements in the nutrient requirement in dogs with the primitive standards that had been followed in the country. Doggie Dabbas began for the sole purpose of awareness of newer and more dynamic pet nutrients.

This belief system of the first preservative-free pet food brand in the country is complemented by the detailed nutritional researches and experimentation behind it. It is the brand’s delight to educate the customers & pet parents about good and bad ingredients for their fur babies.

Doggie Dabbas recipes have:

  • Preservative-free ingredients
  • Human grade
  • FSSAI certified products
  • Focus on supreme quality
  • Evolved with your pets’ needs

 The individuality of a Dog is extremely dear to the brand. The brand not only provides a plethora of ranges and options to choose from, but also provides customers with an exceptional option to curate a recipe, as per the liking of individual dogs. Treats are not just big on taste but big on the nutrient spectrum; protein, nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and everything that your Doggos need. 

Doggie Dabbas is available online to shop for as many irresistible flavours and ranges.

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