Dear Pet Liver Jerky Adult Dog Treats (All Breed Adult Dogs) - 100gm

By Dear Pet

Dear Pet Liver Jerky Adult Dog Treats (All Breed Adult Dogs) - 100gm

Price: Rs 299.00
Rs 299.00
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Product Type: Dog Treats
Made in India

Dear Pet Liver Jerky dog treats are one of the best selling and most popular treats of all time. Easy to feed chicken liver sticks packed with protein makes this a great choice for dogs of all breeds in a specific lifestage. These are made with farm-fresh chicken liver, slow-cooked for hours at specific temperatures. This brings out its rich flavours and makes it all the more enticing for your pet. Our best selling Liver Jerky will be a healthy choice to feed your pet because it is low in fat content. Stay guilt-free while feeding your pet this delicious treat. These are the best dog treats for training your dogs, available at Dear Pet, India's best online store.

This is a non-vegetarian snack that promotes a healthy lifestyle, satisfying and rich flavours, a perfect treat to feed your pet every day. These chicken liver jerky strips are dehydrated therefore have a limited percentage of moisture. Once dehydrated, these get rough and chewy, making them one of the best treats to chew for your doggos. Because of its rough texture, chewing it helps remove plaque and tartar buildup, making their dental health reach heights. Since these pure powers proteins, eating them will give justice to your dog’s giggling tongue.

These are made in India, and the raw materials used to make them are purely pet-friendly. Hence there’s no additives or preservatives involved, making it one of the best, safest and guilt-free treats for your pet. Every dog is desperate for treats, no matter how much or how often you give them, therefore it gets crucial that whatever you feed your pet should be high-quality. These cannot compensate for the nourishment value of the regular meals therefore keep treats separate from their meals, furthermore, feed them in between meals every day to keep them motivated.

Vet visits, training, grooming, or anything else where your pet seems fuzzy, you have got the best weapon to fight them with, or we can say the tastiest weapon to fight them with. It’s made using natural raw materials, contains everything which takes your pet towards good health and an improved lifestyle. Get your hands on these treats, made with love, with the utmost care, because we know how sensitive our doggos are.

It is advised to read the ingredients before purchasing any dog treat. Make sure they are additive or preservative-free so that you can pick only the best products for your pet.


  • Treats should not be used in place of regular meals but these can be used in between meals
  • Always keep a tab on feeding the required amount of treats as prescribed
  • Always keep clean drinking water available for your pet
  • Always consult a vet before altering your pet's diet

    Key Features

    • Suitable for all breed adult dogs
    • Contains baked chicken liver jerky
    • 100% Natural ingredients
    • Free from artificial flavours, colourings & preservatives
    • Free from Gluten, Wheat & Soy
    • A healthy snack for a guilt-free serving
    • Rich in vitamins and other nutrients
    • Can be easily stored
    • A perfect alternative to raw snacks
    • Contains high-quality protein
    • Satisfies chewing tendencies
    • Helps remove tartar & plaque buildup


    Chicken Meat, Glycerine, Sorbitol, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Calcium Pantothenate, Nicotinic Acid, Folic Acid, Biotin, Choline, Copper, Iodine, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Iron and Potassium

    Nutritional Analysis

    KCAL 377.40
    PROTEIN 66.25 G
    TOTAL FAT 7.72 G
    CALCIUM 39.32 G
    IRON 60.35 MG
    ZINC 10 MG
    VITAMIN A 69.439 IUS
    VITAMIN B12 8.425 MCG

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Parul Kumar
    Doggos love

    Yes, Doggos absolutely love it. They did most of the tricks to receive these treatos.😂

    Thank you for your feedback.:)

    Aashika Maurya
    Good product

    My dogs literally love it. Great product

    Thank you for your feedback.:)

    Priya Jaiswal

    Product arrived on time. Great as a snack and as a treat or as a reward for training.

    Thank you for your feedback.:)

    Amazing product

    Best jerky for the dogs

    Thank you for your feedback.:)

    Sambhav Raj
    Excellent snacks for dogs

    My dogs went completely bonkers on these. They looked forward to the time of the day when they'd get this as their daily treat!

    Thank you for your feedback.:)

    Does it contain chicken liver? 

    Yes, Dear Pet Liver Jerky is a non-veg product. It is made with dehydrated chicken liver. 

    Can I feed these treats to my 3-month-old dog? 

    Since these contain only protein, and the texture is a little harsh for the still-growing teeth, therefore, start feeding these treats till the time your pet turns 6 months or more.

    Is it a healthy product for my pet? 

    These Liver Jerky treats are 100% natural, made of baked chicken liver sticks. It has a rough texture therefore chewing it will help remove tartar and plaque buildup. Hence it is a healthy product for your pet. 

    When will it get delivered? 

    Orders within Delhi NCR will get delivered within 24 hours. Whereas orders outside Delhi NCR may take upto 10 days to get delivered. Please contact our customer care team for more details.

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