Dear Pet Slicker Brush in Blue for Dogs & Cats

By Dear Pet

Dear Pet Slicker Brush in Blue for Dogs & Cats

Price: Rs 699.00
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Product Type: Dog Grooming
Made in India

For a hairy body like our pets, it is important to keep up with its maintenance. Like we need combs for our hair, their fine fur requires a special brush too. The fine bristles of the brush penetrate deep into the layers of hair coat in the body, to rid the dog of dander or knots. The brush comes in very handy for dogs that have a hairy body, as it also keeps the fur health in check. Ticks and fleas do not get enough time to settle in if you brush your pets every day.

To remove the stuck fur from the brush, there is a button that eases the process. This helps in maintaining cleanliness and prevent the hair to block the brush forever. It also provides for more and more unruly hair to leave the body of your pet.

Key Features

  • Removes dander and knots
  • Maintains fur health
  • Available in 2 colours
  • Easy fur removal from the brush
  • Penetrates deep into the fur coat
  • Cleanses the body
  • Fine bristles
  • Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 3 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good to buy

I used this on my heavily shedding golden retriever. And now theres barely any hair on the couch

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Really comfortable

Very good product. I use it for my persian cat.

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Value for money, Highly recommended

This product is very good!

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Worth buying it

Excellent product

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