Why is a Rabbit the perfect pet for your family?

“I am Bunny. I can be anywhere. I can be everywhere. I am outside time. I am outside dimension. Do you want me? I am yours.”
- Mark Andrew Poe, 'Ending Easter'

Bunnies are one of the most lovable creatures you can share your apartments with. The feathery, mushy cover provides the warmth and love every household requires. Bunnies are happily social and easily trained to your liking. They love the homely environment, and love their own space. Bunnies bring the love and luck of Easter to your homes. Have you been wondering about adopting rabbits too? But stuck at, what are rabbits good for? Or If you can train them? Let us guide you with this question.

Be it looking for signs when they are not well or keeping up with their notorious sleep cycle (Crepuscular; being active at dawn). You need to know it all. Bunnies are prey animals, so they like to hide their weaknesses. And if they do not show, you can miss out on things. They are not an easy commitment to fulfil, nor are they an easy pet to take care of because they require extra attention and care. But once you have adopted them, every moment of your life would be worth a while.

They have LOTS of babies

Bunnies belong to a herbivorous group, hence, they become prey easily. They can easily give birth to upto 12 kittens at a time. Don’t be confused, baby bunnies are also called Kittens. Bunnies prefer a safe hiding space rather than roam around in the wild. The mother bunny leaves its offspring right after their birth because she adds and attracts threat to their babies’ lives. It is sad but true, these kittens have to grow up lonely and independent.


They like PRIVACY

Bunnies require separate spaces to eat, sleep, pee or play. They demand personal time in their private spaces. Bunnies are territorial about their space in the house. No intruders, no botherers.

They are SOCIAL

Bunnies need a social environment and social pet parents to keep them entertained. Rabbits can get easily bored, so pet parents need to become their playmates. Rabbits love to interact with their environment, they enjoy it when their pet parents talk to them. They need enough space to hop from one place to another. Even household items can be fun for them, like paper towel rolls, cardboard, oatmeal etc. But can you leave your rabbit alone at home? Leaving them alone is never a good idea, as depression is also a concern with them.

A lot of pet parents get rabbits in pairs. In case you adopt rabbits of the opposite gender, you must have them spayed or neutered when they reach their sexual maturity.


Spaying and Neutering follow as much for our bunnies as dogs and cats. Hundreds of bunnies are abandoned and then starved to death every year. So we must avoid breeding as much as possible.

Unneutered female bunnies are 80% more prone to reproductive cancer. So Spaying and Neutering add years to your bunny’s life.

They require specialised VETs

Bunnies require specialised Vets for their treatments. Since they are sensitive animals, only doctors that have expertise in Lagomorphs can treat them better. As a general rule, if your bunny has skipped meals more than twice, you should visit the Vet immediately. These Vets are not easy to find, so their care takes a lot of resources.

They require regular GROOMING

A bunny’s nails and teeth never stop growing. There is nothing new about nails, but the ever-growing teeth can be an issue. Regular grooming sessions are a must to keep them in check.

Timothy hay and wooden toys are used to trim the ends of the teeth. All these bunny essentials are available at online pet store.


Nutrition is primary for every organism. Rabbits have a unique habit of eating their droppings again. This means that once they eat a meal, they might take it out again and then ingest it back. It might appear that they have vomited all they had eaten, but that would not be the case. When they eat, give them their space and consider this practice normal.

Easters may come and go; love for your bunnies should be eternal. It looks nice from a distance when you see someone petting a bunny, but it takes consistent dedication to take care of them. Bunnies demand extra care; they can not even tolerate too much excitement, let alone horror. So you can not afford negligence with them.

Bunnies have a unique personality, only if you give them their chance to expose. They can neither be your starters for adopting a cat or dog, nor can they be your children’s part time toy. Treating them wisely and carefully is essential for them to have a healthy and long life. With proper love and care, you can train them to be all that you like.

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