Top 7 Best Dog Food Brands for your dog’s perfect nourishment

Dog Food Emergence

Pets have become one of the integral parts of our lives, converting the majority of our space into their playground. When it’s vital to give them enough space for their daily adventures, it becomes even more essential to give them a proper high-quality diet so that they can stay healthy lifelong. This compiled section will help pet parents understand more about how to keep their pet holistically healthy. Animal care involves whole-hearted attention and as more and more people have become attentive in caring for them it becomes even more important to give them proper knowledge about it. 

India on the other hand has become one of the fastest-growing pet care markets with the exponential rise in urbanisation it is predicted to expand even more by the year 2025 as per the graph below – according to the market survey by Mordor Intelligence. 

A lot of stores in the supermarket started selling dog food and other products for pets because of the sudden rise in their demand. It is predicted to rise even further and therefore this business expanded its wings. The market is further expected to rise with an annual growth rate of 4.5% even after the surge of COVID-19. Almost every sector faced disruption, but the pet care industry grew even further during the recovery stage of the pandemic. As per Data Bridge’s prediction, the e-commerce sector in this domain is further expected to rise by 2027. Check the below graph for further reference.

Industries started getting equipped to accept this surge and therefore blended their products to serve quality over a compromise. This gave them a heads-up when pet parents started seeking chemical-free products. 

What’s in a high-quality diet of dogs?

Dogs have captured the majority of the pet care industry. With time they have adapted the modern eating habits over the traditional methods such as eating good food over the odds of scraps and leftovers. Therefore a lot of companies started using ingredients that are beneficial for their all-round growth and development. 

A steady approval for the dog food online came into the picture with the help of AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). They conducted rigorous testing over the products of commercial dog food and gave a mark of confidence to consider the product completely safe for pets. Most of the brands use terms as real in front of various products such as made with real chicken, meat and more while others especially mention high-quality. This means that these ingredients are completely natural, and are a good source of protein. You will sometimes find ingredients that say by-products, that’s your queue to identify it to be of low-quality. 

Evaluating good or bad ingredients in Dog Food

“Since you are capable of understanding what’s best for you, it becomes even more important to check what’s best for your pet” 

Caring is a vast term when it comes to pets because just like us each is sensitive to different products and therefore it becomes quite difficult to identify what’s best for your pets and what’s not. 

There’s no doubt a math in writing a list of ingredients in dog food. The order in which the ingredients are mentioned on a food packet defines their available quantity in the food. For example, the packets usually show the list of proteins before anything else, this means that their available quantities are more as compared to the other ingredients in that package. Now the ratio of vets is more than before so it becomes easier to consult a vet before giving pets just any random food. Just like that, you can now even consult to gain knowledge about the ingredients which are best for your pets in terms of digestion and maintaining their overall health. However, choosing a product based on just the ingredients won’t solve the issue because even after seeing the list of ingredients you won’t be able to make the judgement call about the quality used to manufacture that product. Therefore, bend your focus on the term AAFCO on that food packaging. If that is approved by AAFCO then you can stop worrying about its quality.

Choosing among the best dog foods is major because each has their own key elements which make them unique. Below is a list of a few dog food brands with what makes them unique to help you decide the best among the best options for your dog. 

Here Are 7 Best Dog Food Brands:

  • Royal Canin Dog Food

Royal Canin Dog Food

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This dog food brand has been the favourite choice of uncountable pet parents around the world because of its huge variety in dog food. Royal Canin caters to almost every breed of dogs and largely focuses on breed-specific dog food to give them proper nutrition. With a popper protein isolate in its every food, it has been fulfilling the expectation for more than 50 years. It circles around all age groups and life stages of dogs from puppy to adult, all-breed types small to senior and most importantly breed-specific. Moreover, the brand stood by its promise to serve the best quality food for its holistic growth. It also caters to the vet specific range so that pet parents don’t have to worry about giving their pet balanced and complete nourishment. 

There’s no doubt that it will stay even the pet’s favourite brand of nutrition because of its comfortable and customised range of kibbles. Different breeds and sizes of dogs have unique jaw structures, so Royal Canin has always stood up to bring an all-around provider so that pet parents don’t have to worry about where to find the best-fit food for their pet(s). Royal Canin dog food range offers dry and wet food & with that healthy and tempting snacks in the form of healthy treats so that a pet’s snack time isn’t a worry for pet parents. 
Choose the best for your pet from a variety of Royal Canin dog food online and live upto their expectations.

  • Pedigree Dog Food

Pedigree Dog Food

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Pedigree has been the global leader of dog food brands for more than 50 years. It has given pet parents the hope of finding the best-fit food for their dogs from a world of exciting range.

Pedigree dog food offers a variety of good-quality food with a fair and square source of real protein as per the requirements of the pets. Their food offers and accomplishes a variety of requirements with its dry and wet food range. Each dog food has something different to offer in terms of complete nourishment of dogs.

The products are milk, chicken, meat-based which completes the protein, calcium, vitamin and mineral requirements of dogs. They have successfully differentiated each product by giving them a unique packaging so that pet parents around the world can pick their pet’s usuals in a blink of an eye.

As each product has something unique to offer their professional range stands up a level further in fulfilling the nutritional needs of their pets. Their range of products includes wet and dry food for pets where even the wet variety has gravy and jelly with respect to their pet’s palatability. Pedigree dog food is manufactured in WALTHAM Centre under the proper guidance of trained and professional vets to give dogs complete nutrition. 

Pedigree offers one of the best oral care ranges so that nothing in terms of overall nutrition is skipped. Choose the best quality dog food from a range of Pedigree dog food online and fulfil their meal-time requirements. 

  • Orijen Dog Food

Orijen Dog Food

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Orijen is the world’s renowned dog food brand which has been serving for more than 25 years to the masses of pet parents. As their name suggests beginning they have built their reputation over the range of products for dogs and cats around the world.

Orijen dog food offers a unique range that has even the unique and quality-based ingredients such as grass-fed lamb, free-run chicken, cage-free eggs, fresh whole-fruit diet, the world of botanicals, Yorkshire pork, wild-caught fishes and a lot more. Orijen dog food has been the pet’s favourite and pet parent’s preferable choice. Explore the multitude of variety and pick the perfect Orijen dog food online for your pet. 

  • Acana Dog Food

Acana Dog Food

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Acana goes beyond the champion dog food/best dog food range with an abundant variety of unique dog food. Their recipe is central, contains a package of premium quality ingredients that offers complete nutrition to pets globally. Every product has 50% premium animal ingredients balanced with vegetables, fruits and a range of botanicals. As we go by their words that Acana dog food doesn’t contain any artificial flavours and preservatives. 

As it is known that the first few ingredients on the list have the most weightage in the recipe therefore as per their promise Acana caters to protein-rich food with the first two ingredients from animal sources. The ratio of ingredients in Acana dog food is 75:50 where 75% goes to good quality animal ingredients and the remaining 50% goes to fruits, vegetables and botanicals. 

Choose the perfect dog food in India from a vast variety of Acana dog food range.

  • Farmina N&D Dog Food

Farmina N&D Dog Food

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Farmina Dog Food is one of the most popular dog food brands. Its products have a unique style in terms of their pleasant ingredients. The N & D range of Farmina is known to give a high palatable experience to pets. As the name suggests Natural & Delicious, its range goes beyond providing complete nutrition to dogs and cats. It has been a preferred choice for pet parents around the world. Each of its products is based on high-protein sources with balanced nutrition levels in terms of fulfilling the vitamin and mineral requirements of pets. Farmina N & D dog food brand circles around antioxidants by adding multiple flavours of berries to its food. These become unique when combined with other ingredients such as chicken, lamb, meat and seafood. Farmina rounds their food with pumpkin, pomegranate and other grain-free ingredients to make it an all-rounder food for pets.   

Find the perfect dog food in India from arange of Farmina Dog Food online and choose the best fit for your pet.

  • Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

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Taste of the Wild is one of the known and best dog foods in India and outside with its high-quality ingredients which are the best fit to provide complete nutrition to pets. It caters for a range of products that have good-quality animal proteins, essential vitamins and minerals, iron and fibre with a lot more in the combinations. Their safety first and quality always approach sets them apart from other dog food brands and therefore it has become one of the favourites for pets and a preferred choice for pet parents. 

Find the best fit Taste of the Wild dog food in India for your pet from the abundant range. 

  • Kennel Kitchen Dog Food

Kennel Kitchen Dog Food

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One of the well-known brands with good-quality food for dogs. Kennel Kitchen has been the brand of choice in the world of pets. They cater to the all-around growth and development of dogs with their choice of healthy and fresh ingredients to create a combination of a perfect food for pets. Each of their recipes contains fresh and whole foods in the form of chicken, lamb, fish, vegetables and superfoods (Spirulina, Turmeric, Amla ( Indian Gooseberry), Pumpkin, Celery, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Thyme, Basil, Flax Seeds, Carrots, Nettle, Mango and Cranberry). Their food avoids any addition of artificial additives and preservatives which comes in the way of providing complete nutrition to pets. Their products do not contain soy or corn-based ingredients which make it a highly digestible food for pets. 

Find the best Kennel Kitchen dog food online among the range of recipes for your pet.


Choosing the right food for your pet takes a lot of time and effort because it’s all about a commitment to walk an extra mile for them. The more we walk, the more we understand how important it is for our pets. Make the right choice by setting your first foot in the right direction. Explore the variety of dog food online at Online Pet Store India: Dear Pet, India’s known dog food brand.


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