Siberian Huskies are the closest look-alike to a dog’s predecessor, Wolves. You can identify a Husky from afar because of those erect ears and piercing blue eyes. Huskies are naturally high spirited dogs with sharp instincts. If trained well, huskies can be one of the best companions and loyal friends that any human can have. But they can be intimidating for first-time pet parents...

    If you have been looking for a buddy in your dog, look no further, Labrador Retrievers are your perfect #friendsforlife. They are friendly, outgoing, happy-go-lucky dogs who are curious by nature. They are brilliant at remembering scents, so they easily trace them back as well. As their Retriever cousin, they enjoy retrieving(rescuing) things obsessively. All these qualities and more make LABRADOR RETRIEVERS one of...
  • Dog Breeds and Their Traits

    Dog Breeds and Their Traits
    Do you know how many breeds of dogs there are in total? There are more than 190 breeds of dogs in the world; with every new crossbreeding, a new breed takes birth. So the evolution of new dog breeds is endless. Choosing to take care of someone is a huge step. However, we often lack knowledge about our pets. To have a structural difference...
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