• What does it mean when a dog lets you rub their belly?

    What does it mean when a dog lets you rub their belly?
    Belly rub is one of the most sensitive and playful opportunities for a dog to gain all the attention of its pet parents. Sometimes they stick with you like glue and follow wherever you go. The belly part of a dog’s body is extremely fragile, they do not unleash it until they trust you. The topic is as delicate as it is interesting. Honestly,...

    Shih Tzus are one of the most homely pets in the animal kingdom. Shih Tzus are probably the only breed that solely originated to become human companions. They are extremely adjusting, outgoing, compassionate and happy-go-lucky pets. You can spot a Shih Tzu from a distance for their striking teddy look; they have thick fur all over their bodies. They tend to be highly picky...

    Siberian Huskies are the closest look-alike to a dog’s predecessor, Wolves. You can identify a Husky from afar because of those erect ears and piercing blue eyes. Huskies are naturally high spirited dogs with sharp instincts. If trained well, huskies can be one of the best companions and loyal friends that any human can have. But they can be intimidating for first-time pet parents...
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