• Is Catnip Safe for Cats?

    Is Catnip Safe for Cats?
    What if we tell you that there is something that can make your cats go gaga just instantly! Yes, It exists! If cats have garnered a mysterious position in life, how can their ways of life be any different! Now, without any further ado, let’s talk about an equally mysterious source of entertainment for cats, Catnip. What’s that hidden conductor which regulates a unique...

    Love has a sneaky way of directing you to the wrong path, so do the flavours, but you can not afford to compromise on your cat’s nutrition. Indeed your kitty might seem all self-sufficient, but at the end of the day, they would come back to you for their cravings. If food is their love language, then why not reciprocate love through the same...
  • Why Should We Avoid Feeding Sweet Products to Dogs and Cats?

    Why Should We Avoid Feeding Sweet Products to Dogs and Cats?
    ‘’How many times have your dog sniffed your hiding place for midnight ice-cream sessions? Or How many times have you been wooed by your cat to share that last bite of chocolate, under the spell of those eyes?’’ When people claim that pets are a reflection of their hoomans, who knew it included the bad habits too. Beginning from the natural sweetness of fruits...
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