Siberian Huskies are the closest look-alike to a dog’s predecessor, Wolves. You can identify a Husky from afar because of those erect ears and piercing blue eyes. Huskies are naturally high spirited dogs with sharp instincts. If trained well, huskies can be one of the best companions and loyal friends that any human can have. But they can be intimidating for first-time pet parents because extra energy and intelligence can be a disadvantage if not put to the right use. So here are some facts and traits about Siberian Huskies that any dog lover would love to know.


As the name suggests, Huskies were found in Northeast Asia of Siberia. They provide the warmth and comfort to support life in extreme weather conditions. Their fur coat being too thick to help tolerate extreme cold, people used to sleep next to huskies to have extra warmth in cold weather. Due to their thick fur coat, there is a high risk of heat strokes in hot regions. English sailors named them Huskimos in comparison to Siberian companions Eskimos. Over the years, the name got shortened to Huskies.


Huskies are stubborn yet, smart dog breeds.

They are social but have escapist tendencies.

It might seem they are a hub of contradictions, but you need to understand a husky to know the entire story behind these contradictions. Huskies are naturally great human companions, but they are also inclined towards doing heavy exercises in a day. In the colder regions, being the Sledge Dogs, they are in the habit of doing hard labour, so when they do not get the same space and work from their hoomans, they tend to show escapist nature. They are not the silent members of the dog community instead, they are quirky and vocal about their wants and dislikes. Huskies tend to interact with their canine companions via howling. Their instincts are sharp; they are the markers of joy and are always faithful to their humans.


They are one from the no odour community. Huskies naturally tend towards being clean. Although, you need to trim a Husky’s nails and maintain good oral hygiene. But, you rarely need to bathe a Siberian Husky, that's how clean they like to be.

Highly Energetic

Husky shares its ancestry with Sledge Dogs, which requires massive energy. So Huskies have developed a base for energy naturally. Thus it is essential to channelise their energy productively. A bored Husky can be destructive, as they will desperately try to keep themselves busy with delicate household things. They are habitual of digging pits, so they need to have a recreational space to experiment with their extra energy. Hence, Huskies are required to be trained so that their energies can be better utilised.

This hyperactive nature makes them a good choice for Service Dogs. From World War II to 9/11, huskies have proved to be great Canine Comrades in the armed services.

For example, Huskies saved the town of Nome in Alaska in 1925. They were the heroes who successfully survived the acute cold temperature and travelled for 1085 km (674 miles) in just six days to deliver medicine for the deadly diphtheria epidemic.


Due to their roots in the colder regions, they can only tolerate heat to an extent. Ideally, they should not be adopted in regions closer to the equator. Yet many people create artificial environments using air conditioners(ACs) for a Husky to adapt better, but it still does not serve the purpose. Along with cold temperatures, they also require open space to explore, and if the outside environment is hot, they are still prone to heat strokes. As Husky parents, you should be more cautious of these issues so that you can safeguard your dog. Following are the ideal physical characteristics of a Siberian Husky for your reference.

There is no better delight than a loving Husky. Chukchi people of Northeast Asia have been the best example of it. At the end of the day, when it was too cold, they resorted to the warmth of the fur of Huskies while sleeping, which gave rise to the idiom ‘’three dog night’’. Ages and Ages have marked a Husky’s helpfulness and service for humankind; the least we can provide is the love, care and understanding to them. Pet Store Online is your go-to place for knowledge and required products for our beloved Huskies.

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