Sexual frustration in Canines

Sexual behaviour is natural, and every animal goes through it at some point in its life. It’s common among both males as well as female dogs. However, each has a different behavioural response towards it. Every dog is unique because of the different traits of its breed therefore you will have to keep a check whether your pup is sexually matured or not. You might want to avoid any unwanted breeding. Being a responsible pet parent, you must educate yourself, and help your fur babies at such a time. You know it, you owe it to them! We will be bursting some myths related to their behavioural change, learning and re-learning about sexual frustrations in dogs, their hardships, and ultimately how can you help them pass through such a time. We will help you acknowledge some of the early indications which will be your heads-up to end your pet dog’s misery.

Sexual inhibitions are primarily a bestial habit, and our very own fur babies are no alien to this lineage. If you still blame your baby for creating such a nuisance, then remember ages of domestication and civilisation cannot seep out the only thing that their body dictates them to do. Like humans, dogs too are bound by hormonal reactions like us, sexual need is one of its reaction and is primary when it comes to adolescent and adult dogs.

Humping and mounting are two of such responses to settle their drive. Well, honestly dogs don’t just do that because of their growing tendency for breeding but to show their over-excited behaviour. But this behaviour should not be appreciated in any way. You will find dogs hump over a puppy because of their ignited hormonal response; it can harm them or put them in mental shock. Before stepping towards a solution, it’s crucial to understand more about humping and mounting. 


Dr Wailani Sung of All Creatures Behaviour Counselling in Kirkland, Washington in an article by vetstreet says, “Mounting is a normal behaviour”. Mounting need not be sexual; it could be an over-excited response to signify their happiness or overexcitement. However, pet parents often relate to this activity in male dogs as only sexual mainly because of the lack of knowledge. Puppies mount over other dogs or even their hooman, but this response is physiological. Even with male dogs, their occasional response leading to mounting because of pressing their control over other dogs or even their hooman. However, once they gain sexual maturity, this mounting behaviour gets converted into a sexual response. Say, it is how it’s supposed to be. Neutering/castrating is mainly the directed biological way to help them cope with such aspects. We will learn more about this below with other best ways to help your pet dog live a healthy life.


Humping, thrusting and mounting are the most common phenomenon in dogs, be it male or female. And they hump because of not just one reason but multiple. Just like we have discussed mounting before humping as well is one of the behaviours that arise because of their growing excitement say looking at their hooman or finding a new toy. Yes, this behaviour leads to a sexual response as well but even then, it is considered normal. Ethologists confirm it; Mark Bekoff explains in his article published in Psychology Today explains more about it and what could be your approach as a pet parent.

Let’s be straightforward about it, and understand more about their sexual drive so that pet parents can have a better understanding of such behavioural trait in dogs.  

The average age of sexual maturity in dogs 8-12 months, basically when they become adolescents. It varies in different breeds and sizes of dogs. There is an equal number of signs in female Dogs to mate. But it is significantly easier for them since female fur babies are saved from the torture through regulated heat periods. Most female dogs come into heat twice per year on an average, while this also depends upon the breed size and type.

Humping and mounting are grave mistakes in the eyes of pet parents. It is the ultimate act of disobedience or bad behaviour from their fur babies. And then they see their dog humping a cushion or your leg, they tend to act aggressively. But as a pet parent, you need to be responsible and understanding.

Although not every time a dog humps, it has been complemented with aggression, but if it does, it makes a deadly combination. It is the most apparent indication of ‘Sexual frustration’.

Things, when tapped early, allow enough time to look for the most effective solution and does not allow it to become a habit. Similarly reading early signs that a male dog wants to mate and is sexually frustrated can make a pet parent’s life a hundred times easier. Following are certain signs to look closely in your pet dog

Indoor restlessness or irritability

If your dog has suddenly indulged in aggressive digging and scratching in the house, it could be a sign of that surplus sexual energy irritating him or her.

Escape Behaviour

Suppose your male dog smells a female Dog, who happens to be in her season while strolling in the garden. What do you expect him to do? He will of course not keep his calm and forever long to go out, in the hope of meeting her. It is an important marker to be looked at and could include a possible reason for housebreak instincts in your dog.

Licking female urine and marking their territory

Urine is an important marker for territoriality for Dogs. They decipher a lot of things through urine. One such thing is to lick female urine to arouse themselves at the time of puberty. Keeping a tap of these odd habits and a discussion with your vet can help you a lot.


It could appear as an attempt to showcase their domination over others. Humping could be an extremely desperate way of asserting one’s sexuality. According to some studies, humping is also a Dog’s sign to showcase social status.

Grooming of genitals

If you find your male dog typically indulged in licking their genitals excessively and frequently, take it as a sign. They tend to get overly excited even when petted.

Persistent Erection

It is a common sign, which can cause a lot of trouble to the pet and pet parent. Make sure to reach out to your vet as soon as possible.

Urinary problems

Contrary to popular beliefs humping could be done as a result of some urinal infection too, such as urinary tract infection or urinary incontinence.

Compulsive Disorder

If masturbation has already become an unapologetic habit for them and they can take up fights with their family members for it. Things need to be taken seriously! It is a serious calling for a Vet, for things have slipped out of hand from your and your pet’s hand.

This sexual frustration creates havoc in the lives of our loveable fur buddies. In the wilderness, where they are supposed to be, breeding is not a repressed activity, it works on the simple paradigm of survival of the fittest. Sexual intercourse and food come under priorities.

Learn more about their behavioural changes and reactions with respect to those changes and understand ways to help them cope. 

Like everything else, the human world for animals comes with its complications. Here, you get protection but not the same freedom as in the wilderness. On top of it, sexual segregation creates a greater sense of aggressiveness, even leading to homosexuality in pets.

If by any chance you thought breeding is the answer to this problem, STOP, RIGHT THERE! The only thing breeding could provide with, is the realisation about what your fur baby has been missing all along. It will only aggravate his obsession, and you will find yourself caught in the vicious cycle.

The cycle would not end here. To think logically, do you want more fur babies to be put to the trauma of sexual frustration? No, Right! So, think wisely!

How to calm a sexually excited dog, then?


It is where Dog Training comes to the rescue (we could attach the previous blogs); if the dog has been taught to confer the commands of the pet parent since the beginning, he or she would not show massive signs of disobedience.

Discouraging mounting and humping from an early stage, so they do not form it to be a habit.


A Dog needs to have a proper exercise routine. After all, what is humping? As discussed above, it is an energy surplus that is released in the form of humping when aroused.

 Consequently, if you maintain a proper exercise cycle, the release of energy would be facilitated better. Although you cannot eliminate humping with this, an alternate outlet of energy would not do any harm.

Neutering and Spaying

There’s already a lot that has been said and done regarding this topic. Unlike the U.S., India doesn’t enjoy any compulsive laws regarding it.

Some people still hold an opinion that people who sterilise their fur babies, take away a dog’s right. There is undoubtedly a lot of misconception and rumours regarding it. But as a pet parent, it is you, who need to make the final call, after comparing all the pros and cons.

If you choose to get your Dog sterilised for the sake to eradicate humping and mounting, let us take the responsibility of enlightening you. As mentioned above, humping and mounting are not only done for the sake of sexual stimulation. So, sterilisation is no hundred per cent guarantor of avoiding humping and mounting, for Dogs have always known it to be a source of pleasure. A study confirms an improvement of their response by 25% in 70% of dogs.

One thing that could be guaranteed for sure is, that it would most definitely help as a relief for sexually frustrated male Dog! Trust me, you are doing them better than bad.

It is undoubtedly a sensitive and subjective issue, there is no ready-made solution to it, but one must seek the guidance of a trusted Vet, for no one wants to compromise it with their fur babies!

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