Pure, Mix, Cross and Stray Breed What makes them unique?

We have grown into a pet-loving society where we can do anything and everything to see our furries smile and run in excitement. However, choosing the right pet involves a slight study of the breed that you feel is compatible. And to reach that conclusion, it is essential to understand these categories: 

  • Purebred
  • Crossbred
  • Mixed Breed 
  • Stray Breed

These three groups sound similar but are different in many ways. Therefore, understanding them is climbing the first step towards getting to know our furries. Each breed category has dogs who have similar traits and which is what makes them unique. A dog’s DNA decides where they should be kept and therefore having a strong understanding of the one that you are about to pet becomes a crucial factor in determining their future. 

Purebred, Crossbred, Mixed Breed & Stray Breed helps in showcasing their genetic inscription and deciding their shape, size and colour. Apart from their physical structure, this factor helps in identifying their barks and reactions in treating strangers, children or even other pets. Breed holds a small batch of dogs & these categories express a much better aspect as the parent categories. 

Whenever we hear about the dog breeds, we see them as registered and unregistered. But what does it mean? Let’s start by describing the parent categories of the dog breeds.

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Stray Breed

These are another category of mixed breed found in India called Pariah Dog. The most un-preferred name because it means an outsider, so, people prefer to call them the Desi Dogs. They are born independent with no other support. 

Desi Dogs come under the category of loyal pets. They are warm and able to adapt to the Indian weather comfortably and quickly. Just like mixed-breeds, they are non-predictable and are naturally less prone to diseases.

Desi (Stray) Dogs wander around the streets of India. Some of them are born & raised on the streets while others are left alone & abandoned by their pet parents. These are an intelligent breed because they have learnt to live on the busy streets of India, crossing and navigating the traffic. They have learnt ways to survive in the modern cities.  

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A purebred dog is the most predictable among others because they are born with the same genetic factors which their parents have. For a dog to be in this category, their parents must belong to a single breed. A puppy from this category is often a healthy choice of mentor for you because their shape and size with almost all other factors are predictable so that you can start preparing yourself for what this little one will grow. These are well sophisticated and adjustable to the other cats, dogs and children because of their natural or in-born characteristics and well-kept atmosphere. Dogs belonging to this category have natural abilities which define their lineage as a whole. Their medical aspects are much better to understand because of their breed history or heredity. They bring on the best to the worst factors from their parents in terms of abilities and diseases. Their purebred pattern conforms to a breeding standard. 

To look for the best who will suit your lifestyle; consider exploring the different breeds and their characteristics and bring home a purebred puppy. Their colour, appearance, coat, size, even their movements and bark are easily predictable; therefore, these breeds are registered in the breeding club under the known descendent of the foundation stock.

Cross breed 

Crossbreeding is between dogs with different breeds. The dogs in the category are designer dogs because breeders combine two different abilities of different dog breeds and create a fusion which has a blend of unique skills. People prefer to adopt this category of a dog because of their distinctive feature that makes them distinctive among the single breed category. Here are a few of the crossbreeds: 

  • Schnoodle- A cross breed between Schnauzer and Poodle
  • Shepsky- A cross breed between German Shepherd and Husky
  • Puggle- A cross breed between Pug and Beagle
  • German Chusky- A crossbreed between German Shepherd, Siberian Husky and Chow-Chow

Crossbreed is a companion dog & pet parents prefer to adopt them to cater to their loneliness. Labradoodles are one such exception as a crossbreed of Labrador Retriever and Standard, Miniature or Toy Poodle. They were the best guides or assistance dogs. 

Some pet parents consider them as a status symbol. Animal fancy is the best term for them; they help them to stand superior among the single breed pet owners. Their appearance gives them social status and helps them rise over the commons. Crossbred dogs have an advantage of heterosis that increases their abilities from the fusion of two different single breeds. 

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Mixed Breed

Mixed-breed dogs are also called Mutt & Mongrel. They are bred from more the two different breeds and are unique in their way. If the dog’s parent(s) isn’t registered or known, they belong to a mixed breed category. They have minimal chances of getting genetic health diseases because of inbreeding. These are one of the preferred groups all across the world & sometimes they are the result of an accidental mating. 

These are one of the delight pets like pure or crossbreeds, but people usually give them away to the shelters. They are healthy, both physically and mentally, as compared to the other breed categories. It is essential to choose a good rescue shelter to adopt them because they do constant behaviour and health screening. 

You can’t predict the physical structure of mixed breed puppies because of the fusion of two or more different breeds. Being from the diverse gene pool, they are known for their loyalty and warmth. They are independent from the time they are born and are one of the best family dogs. 

Here are a few mixed breed dogs:

  • Cavachon- A mixed-breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise
  • Siberian Retriever- A mixed-breed of Siberian Husky, Retriever and purebred cousins
  • Chiweenie- A mixed-breed of Chihuahua and the spirited nature of a Dachshund
  • Weimador- A mixed-breed of Weimaraners and Labrador Retriever
  • Shorkie- A mixed-breed of Shih Tzu and Yorkshire
  • Border Collie Sheltie- A mixed-breed of Border collie-Shetland Sheepdog
  • Pomsky- A mixed breed of Siberian Huskies and Pomeranian
  • Cockapoo- A mixed breed of part Cocker Spaniel & part Poodle


These features in all the categories above make them unique in their way. From the first step to the last, learning about our furries never ends; moreover, it is essential to learn about them and their changing traits. Enhance your knowledge and be a better pet parent tomorrow. 


Happy Pet Parenting  


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