Puppy Care Regime- Know everything about raising one

Summers, Winters or Monsoons what is more in the package? It is the puppy season. So, just to make sure that we online pet store leave no one behind, here is a whole deal about making your little pup proud of you as you are scrounging through million feeds just to make your pup's life better and happier. So, calling out all those enthusiastic and loving pet parents who are awake for their puppies even when their sleep cycle is troubled. Here is how you can keep your furry empathetic, happy and healthy.

You will be acquainted with the following:

  • How to choose a good veterinarian for your puppy?
  • How to cater to your pup's healthy feeding?
  • How to groom your puppies?
  • How to give your puppies an affective potty training?
  • How to help your puppies socialise?
  • How to enhance your communication with your puppies?

How to choose a good veterinarian for your pup? 

Whether you are a new pet parent or an expert at pet parenting, this is one of the essential aspects of the pet care regime. Choosing a vet is much of a task. So, it is essential to do some thorough research about how you can make your furry's lifestyle healthy and find safe hands for them. 

Getting ready before your pup even needs care is like walking an extra mile for your pets.  Here is how you can proceed:

  • Jot down the details about your little furry so that you are ready with the information before the vet even asks:
    • What is your pup’s breed?
    • How many days/weeks old is your pup?
    • Are there any existing health concerns?
  • The easiest way to jump directly at the shortlisting process and save yourself from researching is by asking your friends or family who are already the pet parents.
  • If not, you have no other option than to jumpstart the research. Note down the details and read their reviews online to shortlist.
  • Visit the clinics and ask the vets for a tour.
  • Make sure that the waiting, as well as the examination room is clean.
  • Are there two separate waiting rooms for the dogs and cats?
  • Is their practice accredited?
  • Understand how the clinic operates; if every care facility is available with them or not?
  • Are they generous about the appointment dates or timings? 
  • How do they act to the emergencies?
  • How far is the clinic from your home?
  • See if your pup is comfortable with the vet or not.

Taking each point in consideration will help in navigating you to the perfect vet for your pet.

How to cater to your pup’s healthy feeding? 

Pup's healthy feeding

Before you start, never forget that it is about the puppy, not you. So, we have to make sure from the beginning that there is a balanced diet, ALWAYS.

There is a diversity of pet food, available online and offline. Make sure to select one as per your pup’s breed, age and weight. It is always good to be 500% sure, so, take a heads-up from the vet. Making your pup to feel comfortable around food requires patience. See how they react to it because they are the only judge. 

The tips below will make your life easier & your pup’s healthier. Read below:

  • Talk to their breeders about the food that they gave. Give them the same for a few days.

  • Changing the diet should be supervised by their vet & it is a gradual process, do not lose your patience. 
  • Mix and match the old and the new diet and let the taste settle.
  • Do you need a variation in your food? They do too, so, whether you plan on giving your little furries a commercial, premium or a homemade food just remember they need nutrients. Check with the vet about their nutrition requirements and prepare their meal accordingly.
  • Never free-feed your pups with off-schedule diet or un-timely treats because it is not healthy.
  • Keep the freshwater available for them all the time.
  • Keep their water and food bowls separate and clean, ALWAYS.

Why is puppy food different from the adult dog food? 

Since puppy food and adult dog food differs in a lot of ways. Firstly, it’s the nutrition, puppies need a lot of it as compared to the adult dogs because they are at the very stage of developing their organs. Secondly, it’s about the calorie intake. 

Puppy food and dog food have different amount of nutritional capacity, basically, everything that’s included in the mother’s milk. Therefore, as they grow up, such nutritional needs are decreased to create a balance with the other portions of the enrichment such as proteins, fat, minerals and vitamins.

How to choose a good quality puppy food? 

A good quality puppy food includes the right amount of nutrition that is important for their growth. Just as we have studied that there’s a difference between adult dog food and puppy food, make sure that your growing pup gets in all the required nutrients in its system

  • Proteins: Their kidneys aren’t developed to handle just any kind of protein, though they need around 32% of the animal protein in their system. Food for puppies include digestible proteins so that there’s no pressure on their kidneys to out done themselves. 
  • This is also one of the reasons that helps differentiates puppy food from adult dog food. 
  • Fat: There should not be more than 10-25% of fat content. Specially made puppy food has digestible vitamins which helps in maintaining this fat percentage. 
  • Calcium and Carbs: Talking about carbohydrates, puppies need less than 10% of carbs in their food. And calcium ratio must cater to 0.7-1.7% content in the food. 

Apart from these, AAFCO or FDI are the most important marks that help in judging the credibility of the food products. 

Always remember: Never change their food instantly, this may cause diarrhea.

How to groom your pups? 

Pup's grooming

Keeping their skin healthy and fragrant is an important aspect, just like you love to stay fresh and hygienic, they do too. Make sure to follow the supervision of the vet while buying products for your pup. Remember these points while grooming them:

  • There are uncountable pet products available that include shampoo, lotions, powders and conditioners with the flavoured fragrant. Make sure that you keep them away from the harsh chemicals. 
  • Buy a soft puffy towel to dry them.
  • Never forget to keep their teeth brushed (use the products as advised). 
  • Never use human products on your pups, you might like it, but they will not & most importantly, it is not healthy for their skin. 
  • Most puppies are fuzzy about bathing. Have patience, hold them firmly and as soon as they show any positive behaviour while bathing, offer them a treat. This positive reinforcement will help them learn. 
  • Often give them a haircut or if you are not comfortable doing that, seek a professional who can do that job for you. 
  • Clip their nails so that they nevermore harm themselves and neither to you by accident. 
  • Keeping their ear clean is very important because most of their infections start from the ear. So, buy a suitable product, take advice from the vet and start the process.
  • This whole process requires patience; you will master it gradually because all we want is our little furry to stay healthy and happy.

How to give your pups an affective potty training? 

Being a pet parent involves a great deal of responsibility. They have to cater to their pup's every need, yes, they cannot speak human language but, they sure can express. Most importantly, potty training is one such important aspect of taking care of your pet. When they do it on the floor inside the house, remember that they never enjoy it, they just fail to understand it.

Follow these tips so that you can get a heads-up:

  • Take them out often and let them understand the difference between outside and inside. 
  • Analyse by their daily routine about how often they do. Take the pups outside, stay for a while and be patient. 
  • They might want to go after every 20-30 minutes
  • Be patient during the walks
  • 15-20 minutes after every meal
  • Before their bedtime
  • As they settle, give them a treat; you can even install a bell and ring it as they come inside. It will be the first step to educating them.
  • Pets catch our phrase and often act on the way we speak. Whenever you sense that they need to go, start hooting with Hurry-up and anything like that. They will catch it pretty fast. 
  • Accidents happen, sometimes even after the rigorous training they end up doing it inside, never scold them, the next time you sense to run with them outside and after they finish treat them. 
  • It is a gradual process which requires patience, so, wait a little longer, with time they will learn.

How to help your pups socialise? 

Is socialising important aspect in your life? It is for your pups too. They need to see the unfamiliar faces, driven in the vehicles, visit different places and learn ways to stay happy. Break the cycle of keeping dogs away from cats, help them learn ways where they can befriend each other and get comfortable with each other. 

  • Take them out in the parks and let them walk for some time.
  • Make sure that people treat them with respect and love and comfort them in places where you can see their hands. 
  • Sense the expressions of your pups before entering parks or new places to see if they like it or not.
  • Acquaint them with the new dresses and accessories and see if they build their liking for that product or not.
  • Be cautious about making them meet the other breeds because that may get out of your hands. 
  • Treat your pups after every short trip to the park or any new place so that they can catch hold of that expression.
  • Take them to the pet-friendly shops just for a change.
  • Treat them after every visit to the vet clinic so that they stay excited.

How to enhance your communication with your pups? 

There is a saying that communication is the key, we have proved it right as well but guess what, it is not limited to just the humans. Sometimes it is even better communicating with your pups than humans. Follow these tips and implement so that you can enjoy every piece of conversation with your pups:

Talk to your pups with the help of expressions and sometimes words because, guess what, they can understand human language. We are not saying that a study claims that.

  • After seeking a successful response during a conversation with your pup offers them a treat. It will help the pups understand that what they are doing this right and they will slowly get better at it.
  • Always remember that they are just the puppies, they might be hearing words for the first time so, let it settle and mix it with the hand gestures.  
  • Always use expression words and show some excitement while throwing out to them. For example, Hurry-up- move your hands and express through your face, Good dog- show your happy self and pat & wait or stay- show the signs by using your hands. 
  • Introduce them with toys and play together. 
  • Sometime your pup will stare, understand that behaviour and never stare back, they must be seeking something and found it with you, give it back. 

 Do you think about better ways to be closer to your pup? Well, that is the start of a healthy and happy pet-parent relationship. Always remember, pets love their hoomans. 



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