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Felines are the spectacular beings; they are living with us from centuries now and yet never failed to astonish us. These mysterious little furballs have always filled our lives with utmost joy and they are purr-fect in several ways; their incredible and unique features give them a whole new identity. And they are capable of developing a cosy companionship with their pet parents when given their own space and time.

These incredible beings are independent in many ways, fluffy and warm, always ready for the cuddles. They keep themselves clean in the best ways that they can & are sophisticated enough to understand the value of personal space. Their behavioural traits make them unique and add flavours of meow in their pet parent’s lives. We have best cat accessories which can make more enjoyable for cats.

These are some of the unique facts which will help you to understand your cat better and know them in ways that you have never known your cat(s) before: 

Cats have a reason to meow 

Since our childhood, we have learnt that communication is the key, yet that doesn’t end with humans. Since our pet parenting experience, we have learnt ways to communicate with our pets as well. Cats, on the other hand, have excelled in their expressions. They meow because of many reasons & one of them is to communicate with their pet parents. They don’t chit chat with the other cats in the same way, most of all, when they grow up, the adults don’t communicate through meows with each other at all.

Here are a few communications for which they meow with the humans:

You will often hear their yowl, that happens during the breeding season, and is one of the common behaviours. 

Now, keeping a check on your cat, especially when they love to vocalise is a good behaviour because if you hear it often, there might be something more than a hello which they want to communicate. Seek a vet immediately to identify what’s wrong.

Cats have a healing purr 

A cat’s purr is a sound of communication accompanied by the meows and yowl. All they want is some food or to greet their pet parent. Purr has a special meaning. How do you communicate to yourself when in pain? Don’t you say “I am okay”, well, purr defines this emotion, a self-healing portion of love and when kittens want to submerge into the cocoon of their mother’s warmth? 

There’s a technical idea behind purr as well, when a cat is physically stressed or ill, they generate this vibration at a soothing frequency which heals their tissues and bones. The house cat purrs between 25-50 Hertz that is the frequency which promotes bone growth and fractures healing. 

Cats sweat through their paws 

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Cats have sweat glands like us, but the process doesn’t work like how it works for us because their body has a thick fur which sometimes doesn’t let the sweat to come out, leaving their body in the high temperature most of the times. 

They often lick their body to wet their fur so that their body can cool down with the help of evaporation. Cats love to stretch and roll over the cooling surface and regulate the remaining body heat out from their system. 

Their paws play a crucial role in these aspects as well. You must have seen the impressions of their paws everywhere, that’s because it has a sweating gland as well. They sweat through their paws during the summertime. 

Therapeutic benefits 

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It is not wrong if we call our cats as therapeutic because they are magical in terms of healing their pet parents. They lower the risk of heart diseases or heart attacks by around 30 per cent. They play an integral part in helping people cope with stress and anxiety attacks. They can sense the triggers a few minutes before and alert the parents or someone at home. 

Introducing your kids to pets at an early age often results in less medical situations for them because they not only get prone to pet allergies but the common allergies like dust, grass etc. as well. 

Pet parents and especially cat lovers are the most humble, intelligent and open-minded beings as per a study in 2014. They play a crucial role in keeping the loneliness away & therefore, these parents are lucky because they have a personal therapist in their home. 

Does a cat have a sense of taste? 

 Cats are at a whole different level when it comes to taste. Yes, they have a sensitive sense of smell which helps them to run after the food. But when it comes to tasting, as we can differentiate well between sweet, sour, bitter and salty, they can’t. 

We have often found that cats have an attraction towards ice creams and candy, but it is not the taste that they feel attracted to, it’s about the intensity of fat percentage in that food. Just like they love meat, it’s an idea that they do it purely because of the fat content in their appetite.  

There’s another important factor that attracts them to the food, temperature. You must have noticed that cats tend to ignore the chilled fish when given to them from straight out of the refrigerator. It is because they love the warmth and softness in their food that they find after killing a freshly killed prey. For home heated food, they prefer it around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Your cat can see you in the dark 

A cat’s vision is a complete roller coaster when compared to a human. As they grow, they have a different lifestyle about eating, seeing and expression. 

How does that work?

Their eyes have rods in the retina which are sensitive to the dim lights. With the same theory, cats can see using the one-sixth amount of light. Their back-eye has a mirrored layer which reflects the dim light on the rods, increasing the chances for a cat to see you in the dark. 

These are some of the interesting facts which will help you to understand your kitty a little better. 

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