If you have been looking for a buddy in your dog, look no further, Labrador Retrievers are your perfect #friendsforlife. They are friendly, outgoing, happy-go-lucky dogs who are curious by nature. They are brilliant at remembering scents, so they easily trace them back as well. As their Retriever cousin, they enjoy retrieving(rescuing) things obsessively. All these qualities and more make LABRADOR RETRIEVERS one of a kind. If you pet a Labrador Retriever, you would already be interested in knowing What are Labradors known for? Or Why is Labrador so popular? And if you do not pet one, it is all the more interesting to discover new qualities of a Labrador Retriever.


Labrador Retrievers are born out of an interbreeding of St. Water Dogs of Newfoundland in Canada and various other Retriever dogs. It’s birth place is believed to be Newfoundland  and time is believed to be the 15th Century. The breed saw a decline in the 18th Century, when Lord Malmesbury of England revived their existence. Thanks to him, today, Labrador Retrievers have the top position of world’s most loved dogs.

Genetic Qualities

Labrador Retrievers enjoy the evolutionary qualities of the two breeds as a result of crossbreeding(15th Century). For example: Labrador Retrievers too love family time. They like sharing their hobbies and playtimes with their hoomans. And St.John's Water Dogs have a water-repellent fur coat that makes the dog perfect for fishing and activities involving water. So they have the best of both worlds.

Working dogs

A delightful friendship with humans also makes them the perfect Therapy Dogs. Therapy dogs are dogs that provide support to humans mentally and emotionally. Dogs are an ultimate source of joy and happiness, these characteristics can be fruitful for human beings psychologically.

Along with this, Labrador Retrievers have a hub of energy within them. They are from the Sporting group; thus they love a good stimulating exercise regularly. This energy needs to be spent wisely; therefore a lot of Labrador Retrievers are chosen for physically demanding jobs like the Army.

Not Good Guard Dogs

Such a friendship with other dogs and human beings makes a Labrador Retriever incapable of being a guard dog. Guard dogs are supposed to alarm the pet parent, notify them of any thievery. And there are very high chances that a Labrador Retriever would start playing with the thief. Clearly, they are not meant for that job.

What problems do Labradors have?

Labrador Retrievers are also prone to many diseases like Obesity and Hip Dysplasia.

Due to their large size, they develop hip dysplasia in old age, which makes movement very tough for them. Similarly, they tend to gain weight very quickly that creates a base for multiple diseases in a dog’s body.

So as a Lab Retriever parent you need to be mindful of these things from the beginning. These are the ideal physical characteristics of a Labrador Retriever.

Labrador Retrievers are the perfect example of beauty with brains. Lab Retrievers make the best combination for multiple roles of working & show dogs, because of their trainability. So if you pet a Labrador Retriever, you are basically parenting an already talented child. Provide them a healthy diet and a cheerful lifestyle, explore the pet store online.

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