How to make your dog’s bath time fun and healthy?

Bathing is one of the best therapies for relaxation. However, it’s a battle when it comes to your pet because they get all messy and fuzzy. But, today is your day because we are about to discuss the few ways which will help to make yours and your furry’s experience at bathing better and soothing. 

It’s time to add your furry’s bathing schedule to one of your bonding activity’s list. Help your furries to understand that it is a good thing. It gets severely essential, especially during the summers because of their thick fur coat. And when they are not clean, it leads to many parasitic infections.  

Bathing your pet isn’t an effortless job, but we best pet accessories can make this enjoyable for both of you so that there’s no stress doing it the next time. Well, let’s get going:

Prepping up for the bath 


The foremost step towards a happy bath depends upon the preparations. Brushing is one of the first ways to start preparing your furry for bathing. Brush them to shed the loose hair off your furry’s skin and with that; it will help in breaking all the knots & mats. If you don’t brush off those mats before, later after getting wet, they will become solid deadlocks. Then the only resort that will be shaving, but to be honest, furries don’t like that. 



The second most crucial step is trimming because it helps in clearing out the long and messy fur. You can always buy a pet trimmer, but if you don’t have one at the moment get on with the scissors. You will have to be 500% careful because those are pointy. It is understandable that your furry freaks out after seeing you all sweaty and shaky because if you are stressed, your furry can sense that and in return, they will become fuzzy and stressed. 

If you are determined, let it come out in terms of confidence and when your furry sees you, confidant, they will be much easier to handle. When done, take the back seat and trim your furry’s butt. Well, you don’t need to mess around more with all the accidental poking, make sure not to freak out your furry. Pull your furry’s tail and slide it on one side so that they are comfortable. Point the scissors downwards and cut the long hair, measure it with your index finger if you feel the need. 

Once you complete, brush your furry well so that all the trimmed hair comes off their coat easily. 

Prepare the space

  • Choose the spot where your furry loves it more if not in the bathroom. Use the tub and place it in the lawn or any open space. 
  • Check the temperature of the water. It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold, mild cold to help them in the warm climate. The too warm or too cold temperature often leads to a shock.
  • Check if the treats are available at the same space where they are about to bath. If they are not comfortable to sit in the tub, use treats as a part of positive reinforcement. 
  • Put some inside when it is dry so that they can jump in and enjoy. Keep the whole bag with you and someone to take care of that department during their bath to distract them.
  • Keep the shampoo, conditioner, towel and a bucket of freshwater wit you so that you never have to run while bathing them.

What if they are afraid of the bathroom?

Well, it is possible. Because you never introduced this as compared to the other spaces at home so, they feel uncomfortable. The first step to let the awkwardness go away, start keeping a bag of treats in a clean area of your bathroom. And offer some there. As when they eat, let them run and go away. Do this for a few days and then introduce the tap. Call them in, give them a treat while the water from the tap is on. Never do anything else; let them go after they eat. 

Slowly, they will start getting comfortable in that space too. Now, when it has been a while, it is time to step up.

Bathroom fear no more!

How about a quick run before a bath?

Our furries love to go out and run; they like the long walks as well. It is essential to do that before bathing as it helps in keeping them happy and getting some energy out of them. Just like every minute task to keep your furry happy, it is essential before bathing too. Bring their smiling faces in the front and let them enjoy the moment. 

As bathing is a part of relaxation, it is your job to make it stress-free for your furry so that they can calm down and enjoy the clean-up process. 

Set out on a long walk or some intensive exercising to release some of their energy so that you can handle them during their bath. 

Using the right shampoo

It is crucial to use pet-friendly shampoos. Never use your shampoo on your furry just because you think that it is fragrant and healthy for hair. Yes, it may be but only for you. A pet shampoo has all the natural extracts of fruits and is chemical-free. It keeps their skin PH balanced. Use the right conditioner and shampoo, massage through your furry’s coat to make sure that it reaches on the surface of the skin. Take a step at a time, rub the belly and other sensitive areas very slowly and keep their eyes, nose, mouth and ears away from the shampooing so that they never get uncomfortable. 

Once massaged, let it stay for 15 minutes and by the time you wait, clean your hands and give them a treat. After 15 minutes, rinse it well using either the hand shower or a mug of water. Wipe them clean with the soft towel and dry their coat. 

Keep the water and shampoo away from their ear.

It is one of the most essential and sensitive aspects of their health. Keep the shampoo away from their ear. Their ear is warm, dry and dark, a perfect atmosphere for the yeast to sustain. It needs to stay like that.

Never target their face directly to throw water at because the chances of liquid to get inside their ear becomes high and which can give rise to the severe infections.  

It is essential how you are multi-tasking, while you are bathing them keep them happy side by side by offering a treat. Never overfeed but try to maintain the ratio of the eating schedule. Manage it according to the bath time. It will help them understand that this is a good thing. The next time it is going to be better & gradually it will make its place in their happy checklist. Never forget to play with them after the bath. 

The thing that rounds this up as a happy experience is how calm you were. Drop all the work and make no excuse of wrapping up the bathing time quickly. Move slowly and set the calming tone around your furry because your furries can sense it if you are freaked-out.

Bathing keeps them clean and healthy, its time to help them understand. 

Stay tuned for more pet parenting guides,

Happy Pet Parenting! 


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