How to cool down your furries in summers?

Summers are the crucial time of all seasons. These are the days when we plan our vacations, drink relaxing cold beverages & items, play outdoor games and most importantly stay energetic almost all the time. Whatever the season brings for us, we must not forget how to help our furries along the way. The season brings a lot of challenges for our furries. Therefore being their pet parents it is our responsibility to cater to their requirements and online pet store are best in fulfilling those requirements.

Here’s a guide to cool down your furry during the hot summer days: 

Identify the signs 

There’s always a way which can help you to communicate with your furry. Just like non-verbal communication, you can understand their expressions. Identify them by analysing the surroundings and how are they reacting. The average body temperature of dogs and cats can range from 100-104º F. They don’t sweat like us humans and therefore requires cooling down space.

Whenever you are troubling with what’s going on with your furry, check for these signs:

  1. Heavy panting
  2. Dry or bright red gums
  3. Thick drool
  4. Vomiting
  5. Diarrhoea
  6. Wobbly legs

If there's any need where you are not sure about the next steps, you can always consult the vet and till then apply the cold towels and keep them in a cool space. Avoid putting them in cold water because that can put them into shock.

Keeping them in shade 

Heat is one of the major concerns in the breeds especially the long-haired ones, it’s like wearing a jacket which you can’t wear off. It is important to keep your furries away from the continuous heat, be it locking them in a car or leashing them on a sunny surface. The continuous exposure from the heat can lead them to a heat stroke. So, it is essential to keep them in the shade. 

Avoid long walks during the day, schedule it for the early mornings or late evenings as the heated surface burn their paws. To help them during the day, buy boots or similar products so that their paws can stay healthy and strong. 

Keep them hydrated 

Water is an essential part of your furry’s health. As we all require a lot of it, they do too. It helps to keep them active and nourished especially during summers. Keep their bowls clean so that it is insect-free and give them clean drinking water. Warm climate affects their appetite too & they often lose most of it. As a pet parent, it is your duty to take care of that so that it won't cause them any more trouble. Offer a lot of fluids for the recovery. This will help them to get through summers happy, breezy and running.

Preferable diet content during Summers 

     Preferable diet content during Summers

Who doesn’t like cold beverages and food items during summers? Just like us, they do too. Here’s a compiled list which will help you to understand about the cool products which should be a part of your furry’s diet:

  1. Yoghurt and Buttermilk with water content and steamed rice & honey
  2. Cucumber- Dropped with slices to help them eat comfortably
  3. Vegetable soup for extra nourishment
  4. Frozen Chicken Cubes are the best and healthy food stuffed with nutrients
  5. Frozen fruits like watermelon, strawberries, papaya, banana, apple and muskmelon
  6. Cheese pops- mix the chicken stock with cheese, freeze them and serve. Make sure that your furry isn’t lactose intolerant (Ask your vet).
  7. Beans- Mix it with the frozen vegetables and cook or freeze it raw. From the day you will start serving, your furry won’t mind the greens.

Pet’s diet is one of the essential parts of its growth. There are other products as well which you can stuff in your dog’s diet but make sure to follow a few essential guidelines:

  1. Food items with high sugar content are poison for our furries, this can cause diabetes. 
  2. Make sure to remove the seeds, this may choke them.
  3. Use those food items which has reduced or balanced fibre content because it can cause roughage.
  4. Concentrate on your furry’s allergies, never skip a beat with that.

Keep them off infections 

The warm climate brings a lot worse for a furry, their walking hours, outdoor playtime and even their appetite is reduced. Apart from the few routine changes, it brings a huge risk as well. It is the season of parasites for your furries. The tick, flea, mosquitoes and various other infected parasites emerge as they sustain the warm climates. These bring with them the infections and diseases like- Lyme, Bartonella and more. The best way to deal with that is to consult a vet so that their treatment can start. Tick and flea are one of the most common infection, these tips (Link to our tick and flea blog) will help in freeing your furry from the infection.

Most of the infections start from the ear & it is essential to keep your kitties and dodos clean and hygienic. Using the appropriate and chemical-free solutions in terms of shampoo or conditioning will help in reducing such problems. 

Keep them well-groomed 

       Keep them well-groomed 

Using the combs as per your furry’s skin coat is one of the major aspects of grooming. They are not allowed to bath often because of their shedding, but whenever they do, make sure to use the natural, rich and chemical-free shampoo and conditioner. It not only helps them with a clean fragrance but it also helps them to stay hygienic. 

While grooming your little furball, make sure to use vet-approved pet-specific sunscreen. Remember, humans and animals have different skin type, therefore, what’s yours have to be yours & what’s for them, it has to be just for them. Apply the cream directly on the spots with less hair, around the belly, ear and nose. It will keep them away from the warmth and nourish their skin coat.

Our furry will always love a haircut. But, never shave, only trim the areas and done so that the fur coat can help them get away from the scorching heat. Hire a professional or give them an appropriate haircut.

These are the essential aspects which help in giving your furry a happy life. Just make sure to utilise these essentials appropriately so that they can have a better time enjoying.


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