Does Your Dog Hate Car Rides?

Dogs are easy-going, especially during car rides. Why are you so surprised? Is your dog refusing to get into the car? Do they fear car rides? If you are curious about this or have similar conundrums then you have landed yourself on the right destination. This piece will help you keep up with the proper itinerary from making a pet dog comfortable in a car to help you make your next road trip with your pet dog possible. There’ll be some tips and tricks which will be the answers to your curiosity about what’s should be your next steps such situation arises.

How do you know if your dog hates car rides?

Road trips are exciting, gives that adrenaline rush and makes us more eager for it to happen again, and again, and again. When we talk about dogs and car rides, some of you will agree that dogs get excited about it too. And the other few might feel some discomfort whenever they have made plans to travel with their pet dog.

Before coming to any conclusion and get ready for the next step we must be able to identify whether their pet dog likes it or not. Was it only luck when they got comfortable in the car? Let’s get into that.

Always remember that getting a pet dog comfortable in a car is not a one-day-wonder. It needs regular practising to make them comfortable around a new space, bounded, less spacious as compared to the house. Give them enough space to get used to seeing a car right outside the house. They will show signs like:

  • Try to skip the sidewalks or streets aligned with the roads with vehicles
  • Pull you away from the car whenever they see one
  • Become aggressive whenever they see you inside one
  • Be less enthusiastic whenever you are taking them outside

These are the signature moves for most dogs who are afraid to get inside a vehicle whenever they are even near a four-wheeler. However, every pet parent might experience different signs or indications from their pet dog whenever they are around a vehicle. Whenever you feel under such circumstances, that’s your queue to act.

Learn what made them anxious around vehicles

When you find your pet dog in such a situation it becomes essential to make the first move towards settling their anxiety. How about a treat? Well, yes, but that’s not the solution, but a part of the solution. If you have adopted them when they were already grown-ups then talk to their previous caregivers. Try to identify facts that made them anxious about the four-wheelers, were they a part of any traumatic experience. 

If they are experienced travellers then try to remember their car journeys with you. Think about your previous car ride experience with your pet dog; did anything happen? Is it the first time that you have noticed this behaviour? These questions will help you comprehend the situation in a better way.

Car Anxiety or car sickness is one of the known and possible aftermath of car journeys. Sometimes it happens because of motion sickness, just like us. It can worsen if treated in time. The dog might start considering a car as an object which keeps them away from their home. They will feel bounded and start repelling from vehicles. One of the biggest reasons for motion sickness can be their undeveloped body traits, such as a balance mechanism in their ear that keeps them focused. Notice the below signs to be sure:

Anxiety in itself is one of the most common problems with lifelong effects in both humans and dogs. A dog might not be able to tell you in words but will show signs that something is wrong. It grows further if not treated in time.

It is well known that dogs observe their hoomans in most ways. Sometimes they adapt their behaviour, build a similar routine so that they can spend some more time with them. They can easily sense and understand whether their hooman is stressed or not. Because your stress levels can spike your dog’s once they get to know about it. 

Fewer assumptions more solutions

It’s super easy to assume things in your head, but that won’t be of any help to you. Those assumptions will make you do things that will make the situation worse for your pet dog. Talk to the vet without making any delays, hire a behaviourist who will be able to understand your pet dog’s situation better.

They will tell you if the persisting situation is because of the lack of training or a few past experiences. There are a few ways that will help your pet dog get over this situation as early as possible:

Seek advice from a behaviourist: They will be able to read your dog and identify through different signs and relate to all the possible scenarios.

  • Dog Training: Hiring a dog trainer will help you get closer to your pet by helping them learn ways to obey. It is not a one-day process. Give them enough time to digest what’s going on. Talk to the experts for advice and start their training early. Use treats as a positive renunciation because it will help them gain trust over you and the car. Start by just keeping the gate open and let them sniff all the way they want. One of the biggest things to remember while training your dog is to be patient.
  •  Take care of their nutrition because it helps in adding energy. More the energy, more the enthusiasm.
  • Check with the veterinarian and see if they require any medication or therapy. 
  • Take their favourite toy in the car and play with them till they become comfortable. Keep the door open!
  • Spray their favourite fragrance on the seat. It will help them get familiar and add a homely vibe to it.  
  • Treats are the biggest stress busters for your dog. Keep them handy while teaching them to become familiar with the car. 
  • Buy plush toys with similar shapes so that they can get used to them before planning to go in them.

Even if you both are experienced travellers, you must pack their essentials, to be precise, their favourite treats. Always buy the best dog treats online at pet shop online so that even if you have fed them more, you won’t feel guilty about it. It will help lower down their stress level and keep them excited during the journey.

Ways to dog-proof car rides

Once your pet dog is ready for its first car ride experience or after coping with the car anxiety, it’s time to press play. Make their car journeys most enjoyable and exciting by using the best dog proofing methods like your puppy proof you're home for their first-time arrival. There are products available at online pet stores which will help you get ready for the adventure. Listing some of the essentials to make their car ride successful:

  • Buy a dog safety harness
  • Look for the car seat covers for dogs, especially which have a tuck-in hook where you can attach their leash or loop in the harness
  • Make your pet dog get used to crates if they are small 
  • Keep the car properly ventilated and pull down the window at a level in which they can fit their head comfortably. Don’t let them hang their dead outside; they may get injured badly
  • Keep them tucked in with restraints so that even the bumpy ride won’t affect them in any way
  • Play with them before the start of their journey so that they can be less energetic in a bounded space.
  • Avoid feeding them before the start of their journey, but keep them hydrated. 
  • Plan your breaks in between your journey for their poop and playtime.
  • Keep their head forward rather sideways
  • Get them to use to cars more than often 
  • Before planning a distant journey get them to use to smaller ones so that they can build their trust slowly.

Best dog breeds for Car Rides

It is rightly populated that if you want to adopt a dog, you must have a proper schedule where you can supervise them every second and learn to be there for them. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot be a pet parent if you travel a lot or if you are not at home that frequent.

Everything requires planning and well-versed research. Study each dog breed, traits and living style so that you can give them proper care all the time. You can easily find the best-suited dog breed that loves to travel and can be your company whenever you have to go out for some days. It will help you get engaged with your pets and live the best life together.

Every dog breed has different and unique traits. Apart from traits, they differ in size as well therefore, it becomes crucial to understand which type of dog will be the best fit. Travelling in a car, for example, binds them in a limited space. Consult a vet or experts to learn more about pet parenting so that you can offer them the best even when you are away from the comfort of your home.

Below are some of the dog breeds which will fit well in your standard of living and become your best travel companion:

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Dachshund
  • Yorkshire Terrier 
  • Maltese
  • Russel Terrier
  • Cocker Spaniel 
  • Golden Retriever
  • Beagle 
  • Toy Poodle
  • Great Dane

Pet parenting is about taking care of animals in the best ways possible. It’s a responsibility which helps to make their life and standard of living better. It’s crucial to understand their needs and give them proper care, especially when things are going sideways. If you are sheltering a pet or bringing a pet home, learn ways to house train so that they don’t harm themselves while having the best time in their life.

Talking about adventures, taking them out for walks or planning road trips together helps in bonding. However, you should always prioritise them over anything because their happiness depends on you. Pet parenting is all about walking forward step by step while holding each other’s hands all the time. Always consult a specialist before making any decision for them because they are the experts. Now go ahead and plan your next road trip together.

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