Chewing to Nipping – How to Keep My Pup Away From it?

Let me take a bite! Oh, wasn’t I supposed to? I didn’t know. But it does look different. Is this chewable? Oh, wait, my hoomans pet me when I chew. Maybe they want me to chew. I don’t know, I am curious, maybe I will get a treat. Are you curious about your pup’s actions, especially chewing? Maybe it’s their reflex whenever they see anything. We understand how adorable our pups are, even after the fact that you have already lost 2-3 pairs of shoes because of their rigorous chewing tendencies. Chewing is exciting, but it’s harmful if your little one chews just about anything that’s lying in their path. They might consume bits of furniture while satisfying their intentions to chew. We are here for you to help them stay healthy while making sure their chewing tendencies are satisfied.

Training your pup helps resolve one of the crucial aspects of pet parenting, which is communication. If they are trained well, they will understand you whenever you tell them to stop. Dogs are born with the chewing tendency, and as they grow old, their tendency grows with them. It’s like constant irritation on your skin, and you are forced to use brutal methods to relieve yourself from it.

Chewing/biting objects or even pulling your hand from their mouth is a common behaviour of a dog. However, when they are born and reach the 3rd week of their growing age, they start teething. And while we are talking about teething, it’s essential to talk to the vet before buying or finalising any products or toys for them online. Though this stage is worry-free but learning something more about your pup isn’t a bad thing. Moreover, it’ll help to steer your curiosities.

You will slowly notice their transition phase from teething to nipping. And your pet dog will start biting anything in front of them. It will give rise to a constant agitation to bite and chew anything. And they start practising on your footwear; you may notice not noticing when your slipper went missing!

Once you are sure about their habits by constant observation, it’s time that you start working on your next steps to help sooth their growing biting tendencies. Do you remember the time when you adored them when they just started filling their space with your footwear? It starts in the following phases:



Phase One: You adore them when they bite your footwear

Phase Two: You pet them and let them bite

Phase Three: They start playing with your footwear and assume it as their toy

Phase Four: Your footwear goes missing

Phase Five: You start to feel irritated 

Phase Six: It’s too late to help them realise that it’s a bad thing, well, not really!

Let’s keep their nipping at bay and understand the whole plan about their biting tendencies apart from teething. Let’s learn more about this behaviour and understand why do they do this:

  • Steel your attention: This is one of the factors to poke you so that you react and they run. This is a fun game for them, and even if you enjoy playing it with them, you will have to stop doing that now.
  • Anxiety Issues: Yes, anxiety in dogs is possible, and it can shape into a much severe situation and put your pet in bad condition. One of the most common problems in dogs is Separation Anxiety, and constant chewing or even biting keeps them engaged and help them release their growing tendency.
  • Frustration: This is the starting stage of anxiety issues in dogs. When your pup feels irritated, it’s essential to act right away. Ignoring this situation will worsen it, and their health is compromised. We have all been dosed up relieving ourselves from mental issues; this affects dogs too. This situation may signal a medical state which may be left ignored.

Acting on these or even acknowledging these problems will help in keeping your pup fit and calm.

Tips to stop your puppy from chewing everything

We will discuss some ways to help ease their problems so that they can stay healthy. Follow the suggestions mentioned below to learn the best approach:

  • Training: Training your pet dog is the essential next step when it comes to obedience. This helps to keep their biting tendencies channelled and put them out of any mental misery. Teaching them what’s good and what’s bad helps keep them ready to face new problems like not to run away from their pet parent while going out for a walk, not to hide things from their pet parents etc.

    Training is not only good for them but you as well because it will help you understand your dog in a much better way than your experience with them. One of the best ways of teaching them is through renunciations. Both positive and negative play an essential role in helping them learn and explore new talents. They will soon understand what’s getting them close to treats and what’s keeping them away.  

    Feeding them high-quality and flavoursome treats, whenever they stop biting or chewing anything unusual or unhealthy for them keeps their motivation levels high. And you will soon notice a change in your pet dog. Explore the best quality and delicious dog food online, or dog treats online, which will help you during training.
  • Puppy Proofing:Almost every responsible pet parent is aware of what puppy proofing is. Now, how does it help with this situation? Puppy proofing involves clearing away the withered pieces from under the table or all around the house to avoid any chances of your pet consuming. Now, once they find anything lying around the house, under the sofa or table or even behind the curtains, they will not take a second before consuming it. And when this becomes a habit, they will look for more things lying around which they can chew. 

    Puppy proofing is one of the vital steps when getting ready to bring a new pup home. And if not done properly, this could create complications in keeping your pup healthy, not just physically but mentally. Of course, you can’t stop them from chewing, but you can create a healthy space for them to stay away from consuming anything harmful.

Remember the legend Pacman? The game showed how it scored points when eating those cookies and when they tried consuming the ghost, they lose their life.

  • Increase their playtime: Playtime is the opposite of mood kill, and just like when we were kids and always ready for it, the same is with our pet dogs. Chewing tendency can grow with time if not treated with healthy methods. However, it often reaches a height because of its growing energy levels. And when that energy isn’t released, it channels its response towards chewing. 

    The best solution can be to increase their playtime. Constant running or playing helps to keep their frustration in control. If you are going through this phase with your pet dog, try this, observe their chewing habit before their playtime and later. You will notice a change in their behaviour, and they will become calm and peaceful with time.
  • Right toys to play with: Choosing a toy for your pet dog is an important factor in their development. Consult a specialist/vet before making the selection if you are feeling confused. Learn what can be of help when your pet dog is going through a stage of teething. Explore the range of teething toys, which will help channel their biting tendencies and guide them throughout. 

Mainly all kinds of chew toys act helpful when it comes to helping them release their biting tendencies. You can explore more chew toys and get the best suited for your pet dog. Or else you can talk to the vet and learn whether or not you can get your pet dog one of the rawhide bones. These are one of the best alternatives when it comes to keeping your pets engaged. These bones are long-lasting and healthy, helps releasing their energy, and in addition to that, keeps their teeth and gums strong.

Whenever you feel that there’s a need for a second opinion regarding your pup’s health, always consider talking to a vet. They will help provide solutions to all your doubts and suggest ways to help them live a healthy life. Then, take adequate measures to keep your pet healthy, be it mentally and physically. Putting the right knowledge to work whenever needed is always the key; therefore, use these methods to divert them from chewing just about anything.  

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