Bringing a Puppy Home - First Time at Pet Parenting

Are you planning to bring home a puppy? Kudos on your decision. Puppies expect a lot of care and attention. At times you will be stuck doing the same chores, but that little, naughty cuddly bear will easily distract you with its puppy eyes. Pet parenting involves a commitment, and we are ready to help you get ready for the journey. We will introduce you to the ideas, tips and guide: how to puppy proof your house, ways to keep them healthy, a guide to equip their essentials, puppy training, and more.

Are you ready to introduce yourself to the puppy? Feel conscious about how is it going to react? Well, you don’t have to worry about it for now. Just like a human baby when born, they spend most of their time sleeping, feeding and sleep-feeding. The same is the case with puppies. You will find them sleepy and less active; this is their growing stage, and it takes time for them to get used to the smell of the place.

When to bring home a puppy? This is the most commonly asked question. When a pup turns 8-10 weeks old, that’s the time when you can rehome them. When they are smaller, say two or three weeks old, they are much more sensitive and vulnerable to various problems. Therefore, taking them away from their mother isn’t a good idea. There’s constant physical and mental development, and during that time they require their mother’s milk for their nutrition.

Puppies require so much attention from us because they are vulnerable to various things, it becomes essential to rethink, whether you are ready for this commitment because it’s much more than just saying yes. Giving a better life to animals involve keeping them healthy, feeding them good quality dog food, spoiling them with the world of toys and making them understand how to make friends. If you feel ready, that means you are ready.

Puppies are anxious at first because they are seeing you for the first time since they came into senses, give them space and let them get familiar with what’s around them. And slowly introduce them to other people, the more you train them when they are small, the more obedient they will be when they grow bigger.

Puppy proofing your home

Unpack those storage bins: First and the foremost thing to understand is that they will chew anything they see or feel curious about. So, it’s time to cover all those loose ends and put those candies and chewing gums in storage cans. Make sure that they don’t chew one at any cost. While you put together all those candies, you can easily feed the whole army. Follow the same activity with medicines. 

Pup-perspective: While getting your house ready for the puppy, you will not be able to notice things that are balanced out. The puppy angle is all that you need, try seeing things from down below, and you will realise what all things need a cover-up. Did you see that broken plastic under the table? Let’s wrap it up. If your hose is a double story, has a staircase inside then that needs a watch guard. Try installing a gate so that your pup won’t slip off accidentally and cause themselves harm.

Settle that charge: While crawling with the puppy angle, did you notice any loose wires? Let’s keep that away or cover it so that your curious pup won’t feel the need to get charged up. Kidding! Use the cable protectors and pack all the loose wires. Did you find any behind the curtains, behind the tv shelf or around the computer? While working your way, you may find earphones which you lost years back. Possible! But the priority is to keep continuing till you are satisfied with the layering.

Did you say snacks? Oh well, those french-fries, burgers, pizzas, tempting isn’t it? Make sure to keep those away from the reach of puppies. Anything that’s possibly your food shouldn’t near the reach of the pup. They have different nutritional requirements, and their organs can't digest human food.

Keep the trash out! Isn’t this familiar? We have always heard this from our parents to keep the trash out and make it a part of your schedule. It was often ignored back then, but now things are changing. It seems like it’s your chance to become a parent, and a responsible one always does their job. Puppies are attracted to unique smells, and they will not wait to hop on that smelly garbage can.

Once your complete puppy-proofing your house, it’s time to equip it with the essentials that will come in handy every day or even every hour.

A piece of advice?

 Keep an extra bag of sheets around you because they will Eat-Sleep-Poop, at least for a few weeks.

Prepping Supplies for them

Explore vets around your location and as soon as you finalise one, ask about their diet because you will have to transition them from the mother’s milk to a liquid diet. Always seek advice from the vet or expert professionals because they understand animals better.

Once you are sorted with their food, go for diapers, because they will poop more than you can think off. There are online pet shops, in which you can explore the variety of all the essentials and ease the process.

A bed or a resting space is very essential for your pup. Yes, they sleep all the time, look adorable too, but you should not get them to use to your bed. It will cause problems in the latter part of their life. Choose from the amazing dog beds online at online pet shops and find the suitable one for your pet.

Teething toys are also a part of their transition phase. Once they grow a little bigger, they will fill constant itch in their mouth, and this is why they will start biting anything in front of them. Teething toys are the most comfortable chew toys which help to give them satisfaction and they will learn to use them whenever they need them. This will prevent them to make a habit of biting things especially your footwear. Explore the different type of chew toys online for puppies.

Getting them to use to collar and leash is very essential. Because once they grow bigger and active, they might get irritated getting used to the collar and leash. These come under the walking essentials, and you can later keep them in. your grip to avoid any injury while walking. You can also introduce them with harness and identity tags. Explore more of their walking gears at the best online pet shop.

Toys are one of the most essential parts of their growing age. They help to keep pups engaged and entertained. You will find different types of toys online, in many new shapes, sizes and colours. Make your selection now.

Bowls and feeders are also one of the most helpful essentials. Always keep one for their food and one for water separately so that they can stay hygienic and healthy all the time. Wash them regularly so that they won’t become a home to the world of bacteria and insects.

Puppy Training Guide

 As soon as the pup grows old, it’s essential to start their basic training. Teaching the rules of the house will have a major impact on their growing up age. It keeps them active and obeys even when they grow up. Training is the key element that helps to improve their behaviour and helps them socialise with other animals and humans. 

Pup’s too small, how can I train?

Puppies tend to grow with their existing behaviour, you can explore online, watch videos and most importantly talk to a professional and learn what all activities you can do to train them.

Teaching them commands should be your start. It helps to settle the restless pup. And later start with their potty training, which is also one of the most essential pieces of training. Seek a vet before starting anything and complete all their vaccinations so that they can stay healthy from inside as well. Equip yourself with the stack of their training essentials and start with it. Involve collar and leash in their training so that they can become familiar and comfortable in it. You can always seek an expert’s advice whenever you feel stuck during the sessions. These are the two most common ways through which you can start teaching them rules:

  • Basic command training involves making your pup familiar with words like sit, stand, roll, stay, and jump. There are more, search your way through it. Pack your pockets with the best and healthy treats to award their positive response. Training takes time, and you have to be patient about it.
  • Potty training your pup should be your next priority. Notice the time when they poop, is it just after giving them food or half an hour after that. There will be a few accidents, but your little one is just learning. Give them some space and let them understand what’s going on. Don’t forget to award them with their favourite to appreciate their response. 

 Vet’s Expert Advice

Whenever you are teaching a pup, make sure you follow the guidelines of the vet because you don’t want to overexert them. They will come under pressure and won’t give the desired results in time. Try finding a vet near to your location so that you don’t have to struggle whenever you need them, preferably at walking distance. This helps during emergencies. 

Finding a vet is a hard job, so you can always seek a reference from pet parents - friends and family. It will reduce your efforts in doing things from scratch. Visit the clinic and let your pup adjust to the surroundings and new hands. You can ask them about your pup’s diet; both need to know and good to know facts about their nutrition. Try learning ways to tackle most of the situation by offering the best solution to your pup and do your best to help them gain trust.

Ask about their exercising schedule as well so that you don’t overdo it mistakenly.

Apart from that, make sure to ask them about your pup’s grooming. It will help new pet parents understand their pet better. Ask them about which products to use and which to avoid to keep them healthy all the time. Since grooming is a vast process, it becomes essential to understand what things you have to avoid or otherwise while grooming them. You can even ask them to teach you so that you can easily do it on your own from next time.

These are some of the interesting guidelines which will solve level one of your curiosity. Rest, always consider a vet before choosing or even planning to choose a product for your pet. They will help you acquaint with the best possibilities and responses that will help them grow.

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