Bowls and Feeders - How to Choose One for Dogs


Feeding your pet dog is one of the most essential aspects of parenting. Learning about what’s good for them and checking the list of ingredients of their food are the priorities of treating them with a healthy lifestyle. But are you sure that you’re not missing anything? There’s a grey line just below it that amplifies the importance of bowls for your pet dog. When at one time we can be an expert in choosing the right food for our pets on the other hand there’s a gap of knowledge in choosing the best bowl for your pet dog. We will explore more about the best bowl for dogs, benefits and features and the why of choosing the right bowl and feeder for your pet dog. 

Love for animals has been growing tremendously among humans, and they have now become used to the term hooman. This shift has made people aware of what was missing in their lives for a long time. This increase in pet parenting gave rise to the expanded education in terms of nutrition. Petting a dog is one thing, taking care of them is another. Choosing the right bowl or feeder comes in another, consider it a priority with the food. 

Choosing the perfect bowl should be based on a few facts about your pet dog’s breed, size, age, jaw structure, jaw length and usual behaviour. In a world where you will find unlimited options for the dog bowl, it becomes even more vital to shortlist the perfect one for your pet.

Let’s understand them a little in-depth so that you can make a choice more based on their requirement and less based on how pleasing they appear to your eyes: 

  • Age of Dog: When shopping for your pet dog’s bowl, it's crucial to choose on the basis of their age and any persisting medical conditions. Why is this essential? Well, age will help you understand how much they can bend towards their bowl and eat. Whether they are puppies, adults or senior, every life stage has its challenges and requirements. 
  1. Puppies require a less shallow bowl so that their tongue can reach every corner of the bowl, and they end up finishing the food without any fuss. 
  2. Adult dogs have different jaw sizes. For the long snouts, shallow bowls will do the job. These kinds of bowls help keep their flappy ear outside and give them enough space to reach for their food. 
  3. Senior dogs have many medical problems which make it difficult for them to bend. Arthritisis one of the issues, and it is essential to pick the bowls that can match a certain height. 
  • Breed of Dog: This is another most important aspect to consider before choosing a bowl for your pet dog. Every breed of dogs is different in terms of body structures, jaw size, and mainly different energy. Of course, there are exceptions such as the family of Retrievers. We will learn about the different breed of dogs and their bowl requirements.




  • Ratio from Chest-to-Waist: Every dog breed has a different body structure and therefore different chest-to-waist ratio. Uneven eating posture can lead to bloating in dogs, and this arises especially in barrel-chested dogs. What does it mean? It is like the shape of the barrel, wider from the top and lean or smaller at the bottom. 



These are some of the pre-sets to consider before buying a bowl for your pet dog. Here’s some important information for pet parents. You have to be generous with the bowls, buy the variety for a different setting, such as there are bowls especially made to make their vacation easy and successful, bowls for their food, and bowls for water. To be precise, one should always keep two separate bowls for their food and water needs. It will help to keep the bacterial infection at bay.

Let’s study some of the most common questions of pet parents while they select the best bowls for their pet dog. These will help enhance their understanding and will help to make the right choice for their little one in the long run. 

  • What are feeders? How are they different from the regular dog bowls?
  • Are elevated dog bowls better for dogs?
  • What is the best bowl for my dog?
  • How often should I wash the bowls?


What are slow feeders? How are they different from the regular dog bowls?

Keeping things straight, feeder or slow feeder lowers the risk of medical issues relating to indigestion. Mainly bloating, this occurs when dogs tend to race to finish their food sometimes, in a fear of sharing it with other animal or because of an ingrown tendency. 

It is when slow feeders come into the picture. You will find various varieties in terms of shapes, ideologies, sizes, and colours. These come in different puzzles and are interactive enough to help enhance your pet dog’s mental abilities. Below are the key benefits of slow feeders:

  1. They will become used to finishing their food
  2. Help to enhance their brain or mental level
  3. They will become excited about even the regular food
  4. Reduce the number of spills 

There is a visible difference between a slow feeder and a bowl. 

Are elevated dog bowls better for dogs?


Elevated dog bowls or feeders are the healthiest options among the other structure of bowls available in the market. You will find the perfect collection of elevated dog bowls online at online pet store without any hassle and give your pet dog the best care you can. Below are some of the characteristics of elevated dog bowls: 

  • Maintains the posture: Elevated bowls are known to help improve the posture of your pet dog. Remember how your pet dog bends to grab food and drink water? There’s an added element of height so that they can easily match your dog’s and keep them erected.  
  • No more medical problems: As the posture remains strong, dogs won’t bend any more for consumption. This will keep your dog away from medical conditions such as arthritis, bloating, joint pains and a lot more. They will easily swallow the food and it will parallelly add support for digestion. 
  • Less mess around the house: Elevated bowls help reduce the mess of spills and keep the house clean. Elevated bowls match the height of their face; spills happen when the bowls are kept downwards, and they make an effort to take a break of a few seconds from eating. 

What is the best bowl for my dog?

Choosing the best bowl for your pet dog is a complex job, especially for first-time pet parents. However, we are here to help you make the perfect choice for your pet. Bowls come in different varieties, mainly in terms of material, such as plastic, rubber, stainless steel, ceramic etc. Whatever your choice of the bowl will be, make sure it has an antiskid bottom, or you can always use a food mat to keep them away from slipping. Below are some of the recommended food and water bowls that will make your selection process easy:   

Dear Pet Dual Bowls with Eyes for Dogs

Dear Pet Dual Bowls with Eyes for Dogs can be the perfect choice for your pet because of its uniqueness and versatility. These are ad-joined to fulfil your pet’s food and water requirements. These have a non-toxic plastic exterior and a stainless steel bowl in the centre. This dual bowl combination is durable and is available in multiple colours. It has an appealing design, available in different sizes as per your pet’s size. 

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Dear Pet Curve Cut Dog Bowl

Good food tempts, but when it is served well, even tastier. Dear Pet Curve Cut Dog Bowl is perfect among the dog bowls, gives a classy vibe and comes in multiple colours. It has a strong build which speaks about its durability and quality. The stainless steel bowl at the centre comes out easily, making it even easier to clean. These dog bowls are stylish, solid and have light colours as per the mood, and what suits your furry the most. It also has a non-toxic plastic exterior and a stainless steel bowl in between. 

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Dear Pet Foldable Bowl-Bag for Pets

If you travel a lot or are planning to travel with your pet dog then this should be your choice of the bowl. It is suitable for both food and water, can be used to pack treats while you go out for a walk with them. It is available in a single capacity(1000ml) which is compatible with most dogs irrespective of their size or breed.  

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Dear Pet Bone Printed Steel Bowl for Dogs


Dear Pet Bone Printed Steel Bowl gives a posh and stylish first impression. It is available in different colour options. It has the simplest design, made of stainless steel. Its rounded edges avoid any food getting stuck. Small, medium and large, pick the perfect sized bowl for your pet dog. 

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How often should I wash the bowls?

It is one of the most asked questions by pet parents. Pet bowls are the house of germs for both pets and pet parents. It is the hub of bacterial infections because of the remains that your pet dog leave after every meal. Therefore it is essential to keep them clean. Stainless steel bowls are the most durable option among the variety of bowls for your pets and even easier to clean because you can use any cleaning liquid to complete the job. 

As per the experts, it is crucial to clean the dog bowl after every use, just like you do with your plate or bowl after eating. It will help keep your pet dog healthy and away from any bacterial infection because of the remains in the bowl. 

As per a blog by Dr Sarah Wooten DVM, one should always use hot water with the cleaning agent to wash your pet’s bowl. And even after that, we should always clean our hands with hot water and soap because a dog’s bowl contains bacteria that are transferred from their dog’s mouth when they are eating. And if the bowl remains untouched, the bacteria will flourish on its own and spread around the house in no time. It even happens if the dog food is kept in an open space for a long time. Therefore, always keep a check on what and where your pet dog’s eating.  

Always take your time when it comes to selecting anything for your pet because any compromise in quality will adversely affect their health and put their life at risk. Find the best and affordable dog bowls online to save your time and energy. Instead, you can utilise it in their play sessions. 

Happy Pet Parenting J

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