Better Ways to Fulfil Your Furry’s Chewing Tendencies

Chewing and dogs go hand-in-hand; they inherently become one for each other! Keeping eating apart, dogs use chewing to interact with the world. Like a human baby following the lead of its taste buds to know the world, dogs embark on the same journey. Anything fishy goes straight into the mouth for inspection. While it seems like a cute habit initially, it does not take much to transform into a nuisance. The cognitive understanding and timely reprimands to the human child; school them that they do not have to take everything in their mouths. With fur babies, one has to adopt the same habits. 


In the puppy stage, when the fur baby is still fed by the mother-dog, things are usual. As long as they are on liquid diets, they seem to not know the fun behind chewing. Once the puppy crosses the eight weeks bar, it starts to explore the environment around it. It begins with nipping first, which is natural and encouraged in a puppy. Consequently, a dog is showered with oodles of praise and love. So, neither does the pet parent get to know when the habit has started to become toxic, nor does the dog have any proper knowledge of when to stop or what to go on with. Nipping seamlessly transforms to chewing, and chewing to a nuisance. 


Dogs are bundles of joys and energy if fed well. Their best time of the day has to be playtime with their hoomans, where they get to expend all their energy merrily. But, if for some reason, this inbuilt energy does not find any outlet, the dog has to resort to desperate measures. Chewing is one such measure for those boring days when they have nothing to do, and nobody to play with. 


Dogs dealing with any kind of stress and frustration will always resort to destructive ways to overpower that feeling. More mature dogs can make chewing a tool for their outlet of destruction. One moment you are out of the house, against your dog's will and all your sofas and mat could be in ruins. Frustration and stress are complex emotions to deal with for humans too, how unfair would it be to expect your dog to react well. 


Some dogs in the adolescent age are compelled to chew everything. Something in their teeth irritates them, so they use chewing as a measure to calm that irritation. They use the object they are chewing to rub against their teeth and gums. 

So, it is futile to suppress the instinct but better to redirect their instinct. There are multiple options available in the market that can curb this situation. From toys to dog treats, everything is available and recommended to help in this situation, complimenting with training. It is the decision and responsibility of a pet parent, to choose the most appropriate option as per the scenario. 

Toys are a great way to become an exchange for your slipper or sofa cover, but it does not provide any additional value to the dog. Whereas, treats are a great way to redirect and replenish their nutritional requirements if chosen wisely. 

An ideal treat must be wholesome and enticing for the dog, and guilt-less for the pet parent. The market is brimming with dog treats these days. As a wise pet parent and a smart consumer, it is your duty to make your decision based on the quality and ingredients, rather than marketing gimmick or hype. Additionally, if you are especially choosing treats as a measure to redirect from chewing, you should go for the option that is more stringy and chewy. 

JoAnn Morrison, DVM, director of veterinary science at Banfield Animal Hospital, directs the composition of an ideal healthy treat for a dog. Morrison suggested pet parents, while choosing treats, ensure that they must not contain more than 1% of their daily caloric intake. AAFCO certified brands and products are always recommended as a safer option to go for. On top of it, don't take any risk under the assumption that if a product is good for us, it would be good for them too. If you are still not sure of the ingredients that are toxic for dogs, follow this list. SAVE it and keep an eye on it, for everything you buy for your pooches

Majorly, dog treats are divided between non-vegetarian and vegetarian options. With the world inclining towards vegetarianism, why should our dogs keep behind?

Yak Chews & Yak Milk Puffies are the best vegetarian treats for your furry because these are packed with the yak milk from the Himalayas, making it one of the healthy choices for your furry. It is easily available at online pet store.

To mimic the diet of the jungles, these are 100% organic, packed with calcium and protein, a healthy snack for your furry. It contains 100% natural ingredients, handcrafted without using any preservatives or chemicals. Give your pet a fulfilling experience with these chews and let them hang on to them. These are non-toxic, best for their energy and biting tendencies. Before feeding, microwave it for up to 40 seconds to make it chewy and cheesy. No doubt, they are going to love it.

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