Are you Adopting a Cat?

Parenting is one of the most special gifts, and when it comes to adopting an animal, precisely cats, it becomes superlative in every way. Adopting a cat for the first time requires a commitment and then catering to the needs of their healthy growth. Our motive is to get every cat parent to get through with this hard part of making that decision because they will add another life to their ongoing routine of waking up craving for a bed after the busy day at work. Our job is to keep every person, pet parent or not aware of ways to help animals and transform their standard of living. If you are seeking a little help in learning what can be your first and further steps in caring for cats then this piece is for you.

The adoption of animals is gradually increasing day by day; therefore, it is essential to impart the right knowledge to the audience of pet lovers so that they can care for their pets in the best ways they can. Bringing a cat home is a one-day job, what’s difficult helping them to get used to the vibe of your home so that they can understand that it’s there as well.

Cats are one of the most intelligent animals that we can’t even imagine. They can be your therapist by helping you relieve stress and anxiety. There’s a whole umbrella of research on their brain cells it will help you understand why they are brainiacs. Their purr is as strong as the medicine and has proven to be therapeutic in more than one way.

They stay calm in most situations and learn to live with their hoomans with time. However, there are ways which you can adapt and make this process a little faster and easier.

  • Choosing the best quality food 
  • Helping them comfortable in their own space
  • Buying the suitable and entertaining products
  • Respecting their process of transitioning
  • Getting them to use to your furniture and stuff

Before getting into the details, it’s necessary to learn about the first step of adopting a cat. Let’s get going with that, and we will come back to this segment with details.

Adopting a Cat

Cats bring humans a world of wonders. They are born intelligent, seek a little extra care to help them get better at it. It’s similar to schooling a human child till they get better for college. Bringing an animal home becomes tricky because you can’t hear their concern about anything in a language you know. But it becomes easier when you are aware of their reactions, signs and expressions concerning a certain situation.

Therefore, before bringing them into your life, you have to ready yourself and your home so that they can live comfortably. Cat proofing your home always comes first, but even before that, it is essential to make a healthy judgement about whether to bring a kitten or an adult cat home.

Choose between a cat or a kitten

One of the many asked questions by pet lovers is whether to shelter an adult cat or a kitten. From the outside, you already have an answer but it’s essential to get through all the facts before concluding.

Kittens are the little pack of joy but require all the attention from your end. For a few days or even weeks, you will have to be strict at supervising even the tiniest of their actions because they aren’t aware of the hidden dangers. You will have to train them from the basic such as getting them to use their new litter space, helping them get comfortable with the feeding, getting them vaccinated and more.

When it comes to cats since they are the adults and an adult have already been through the world of experiences as compared to the kittens. You won’t have to spare much time to get them to use their space and litter training. It will be easier to train them and get them comfortable around the house.

Now, we are not focusing on the pros and cons of an adult cat or a kitten. Parenting them will give you different experiences that will help you care for them in better ways. It’s all about a life stage. Be it a kitten or an adult cat each will make you aware of the different challenges such as getting a kitten used to their new home, making an adult cat socially active so that they can happily befriend anyone and a lot more.

Congratulations, if you have decided whether it’s going to a cat or a kitten, now get ready for the next step. 

Cat Proofing Your Home

It is one of the crucial steps before bringing a feline home. What do you think is the feel-good factor which attracts us home after one of the best trips of your life? Is it those walls? Is it your bed? Or is it how use to you have been to your home? The answer is yes, it’s all three and even more. The same goes for your pet cat. Before bringing them home it is essential to make your home ready for your pet cat. You may have to shift your furniture or even change some of it to keep your cat away from unexpected dangers.

Let’s learn a few more details about how you can catproof your home so that they can accept it as their home. Listing a few of the most essential house proofing guides:

  • See things from a cat’s perspective: When we talk about seeing things from their perspective. By this we mean you will have to physically become a cat to understand their perspective. Cats love to crawl to the small spaces such as, behind the table where you must have dropped a chip or a biscuit, under the bed away from the reach of the broom, inside your washing machine when it’s kept open after use, inside a shelf or your almirah, and mainly in the spaces that remain aloof often. You will have to clean those hidden spaces because they will consume them. 
  • Trash-out: You must start taking your trash out so that they won’t get inside it and cause a menace in the house. Trash is one of the worst places that they can get into because it is home to various bacteria and insects. Once your cat is infected it will cause them problems.
  • Flush-Flap-Down: Sometimes, we aren’t used to our toilet manners. We have been told to always keep the lid down after using the toilet, but we never took it seriously. A cat isn’t aware of the spaces, it’s just another space for them to explore. And while doing that they might get stuck inside.
  • Cater to their tendencies: Cats are known for scratching because it’s their favourite activity. While keeping cat-friendly products at home, it’s important to buy the best cat scratchers online or offline. You will find the best choices as per your space and give them their scratching platform. This will help to keep them away from anxiety and aggressive behaviour.
  • Block the free-stairways: While finding the spaces where they can hide, it’s also essential to block the entry exit from the staircase if you have any. It will keep them away from falling and away from all the possible dangers from it.
  • Switch-off the screens: Well not digitally, we mean windows. Cats love to spend time near the window therefore checking how tight those are is crucial. If they are loosened, get them fixed before welcoming a kitty home. Or else they might slip outside.
  • Space is all they need: Cats are all about space. They require a sleeping pad, their favourite toys, scratchers, and yes, some time away from everyone. Don’t keep them locked inside a room all alone, keep their space exclusively for them.

Once you are through cat proofing your home, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Shortlist an Adoption Centre

Adoption centres and even rescue homes should be considered for adopting cats. Now, research well and shortlist options as per the different locations. Talk to the caretakers and learn about different cat breeds. Every cat breed is unique in its ways, therefore, require a different environment to live. Once you are done understanding them, it’s time. Keep your excitement at bay till they are home, in a comfortable space.

Which are the most comfortable cat breeds for adoption?

Shortlisting a breed of cat is an essential factor that will help you cater to their healthy lifestyle. Every cat breed is different and has unique traits, learn about them before adopting one so that you can create a perfect space for them at home. Below are some of the cat breeds that can be domesticated:

  • Himalayan Cats
  • Siamese Cats
  • Persian Cats
  • Maine Coon Cats
  • The American Bobtail Cats
  • Spotted Cats

Learn more about what to feed them, what is essential for their healthy diet and which ingredients are good for their all-round development. If they are adult cats, learn if they are neutered or not. If you seek knowledge about cats, talk to the vet and learn more about their well-being. Get to know about their life stages and what’s required to help them stay healthy.

Talk to the experts about the possible food choices that you can make for the cat. Learn which ingredient fits their nutrition chart or which brands are best for their snacks and daily meals. Choose among the best cat food online and give your pet cat the best and healthy lifestyle. 

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