A Tick and Flea free summer for your pets

A pet’s love for the summer season is a lot more than ticks and fleas for your pet. Let us keep it like that. Do you see how pets enjoy rolling over the grass and playing with their cheerful pet parents? It is about time we realise that the season brings a lot more than the fun and thrill for your furry and feline. They are often seen scratching, licking or even biting their skin to be free from irritations. Well, it is time to help them enjoy every bit of the summer because they deserve it. 

Ticks and fleas are the small packs of parasites which are often invisible to the naked eyes. Sometimes they are found hanging on your pet’s fur, climbing on and sticking to their skin. They grow enormous with time because of constant blood consumption and become a major cause of skin irritation and bacterial infestations (Lyme disease), fever and severe blood loss.

Now, the problem is not just about the pets, if not treated in time they can spread around your space, lay eggs and stick to pet parent’s clothes and hair & cause problems.

But there is a way to help your furries and felines to become free from such a painful menace, pick up a pair of tweezers; never squeeze or twist their skin, pull them straight out, either flush them or drown them in alcohol. Here is a catch that these never stop or vanish into the thin air, easily.

Here are some tips which will help you treat fleas and ticks and make the space pest free and stress free:

Constant Grooming

Grooming makes us hygienic and happy at times; even your pets love it. These ticks and fleas may not always be crawling over your pet’s fur therefore, thorough grooming by combing your pet’s fur will give you an advantage. You might find one on their skin surface ducked in their skin, you may find a trace of black spots, put it on a piece of paper and pour water if it turns red this is your queue.

Consult a Vet for a proper treatment, they will suggest a medicated shampoo so that whenever you plan on bathing your furry and feline, you can use it. The formula will moisturise your furry’s skin coat and after applying, let it stay for 15-20 minutes so that the chemicals can set in. It is one of the best ways to treat ticks and fleas.

Oral Medication

Keep your pets away from the children if you have applied any chemical over their skin. Apart from that, one of the smoothest ways of treating these dreadful parasites is through the oral medication. It will help keeping your furry free from chemicals; it will spread in your pet's blood and impact their food supply. This action will eliminate the chances of their growth and kill the currently affecting parasites.

Bring the Playground at Home

Think again about how it all started. Our furries and felines love to rumble over the warm and cosy grass & it was the sign. Explore ways where you can play with your pets at home & reduce the chances of ticks and fleas nesting. It is an opportunity to bond with your pet even further. You will find out more about their liking and train them with the help of positive reinforcements.

Detoxify the Home

Just like you have moved some bricks to make your house pet friendly, it is time to make it overall hygienic. These ticks and fleas have the capacity to infest your whole house and lay eggs on the corners where your pets can easily reach; they can lay more than 50 eggs which can get hatched within 2-48 hours. For your heads-up, their favourite place is carpet because they require a warm temperature.

You must vacuum your house. It will help taking care of fleas and ticks, belonging from all life stages. Never forget to clean your pet’s clothes, bed and places where they love to spend time while resting. It will help in preventing their growth anywhere near your pet & you can resume your cuddling time with your pet.

Detoxify the Yard

It is one of the essential steps which will help in reducing the risk of fleas and ticks infestation on your pet. Make sure to remove dead plants, trees and bushes from the yard to prevent nesting of ticks and fleas. You must trim the grass regularly because it is where your furry loves to roll. You can use pet-friendly chemicals in the yard and reduce the chances of their instant growth even further. Always make sure to use products that are good for your pet, consult a Vet if required.

These are the tips which will help in keeping your pet and everyone who is around healthy and safe from the tick and flea infestation. It is a major concern because the warmer the season gets, the chances of acquainting with these parasites increases. It is no rocket science or even much of a task to secure your space from such infestations. Just follow these & your work here is done. Observe your pet, notice if they are struggling with constant itching or not. If the space is safe for your furry then it is safer for you to live. 


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