A Guide to Keep Dogs Healthy

A happy dog is a healthy dog, a saying that has stayed with pet parents for quite some time. Petting a dog isn’t just about cuddles, cuteness around the house, emotional fulfilment or finally a forever. It’s about being better at every stage of parenting so that our pets can stay healthy and happy lifelong. But how to keep them healthy? How to know which food to pick? How to keep them energetic? Do they like toys? What kind of toys? What’s more about their healthier lifestyle?

It’s essential to keep a check on their daily activities, their sleep patterns, what do they eat all day, their play timings, their energetic or lethargic conditions and a lot more. We have compiled a list that will help you counter all those challenges that you face while taking care of your dog.

Below are the key points which we will cover all the essential aspects to help you take good care of your pet dog. We will study them in details for its better understanding.

  • Shortlisting a vet 
  • What to feed?
  • Groom dogs at home?
  • Comfort first approach in buying accessories
  • Keep them entertained
  • Helping them socialise

 Shortlisting a Vet

This should be your priority after you adopt a pet dog because you will have an extra hand ready even before you need them. It is advised to get your dog a full-body check-up so that their treatment can start even before the problem worsen. Now there’s a process that you have to follow to seek the best professional vet for your pet dog.

  • Before starting your search online, it’s better to ask your friends, family or neighbours if they have any references. 
  • If you can’t find any, then start your search online. Shortlist several vets based on location and ratings.
  • Check out the facility before finalising, ask them to give you a tour and bam. 
  • It’s best if they are close to your home because it helps saving time during emergencies.
  • Once you gain confidence and realise that ‘they are the one’, take your pet dog. 
  • Check how they help counter the panic situation of your pet in the facility
  • When you see things are settling down, bam! success.

After their first interaction with the vet, ask about the nutritious products which you can feed your pet dog and follow their guidance. Always remember, never miss the appointments because this will help the vet to keep a check on their every health concern.

Things you can ask from the vet: 

  • Which food to feed?
  • What kind of toys that you can buy?
  • How to keep them free from infections and allergies?
  • What to do when I have an emergency?
  • Do you do home visits?

 These will help unburden your growing curiosity. You can always write down the questions which come to your mind so that you never miss anything. 

 What to feed?

 Food helps sustain lives, so feeding a proper diet to your pet should always be your top priority. Vets can help you identify the go-to food for your pet. Later it’s your responsibility to add a variety to it so that they don’t get bored of their diet. Look for the best dog food online, explore different brands, and check their nutritional chart for further information.

Always remember healthy food from the beginning will give them steady and refined growth. It will help fulfil their nutritional requirements and keep them energetic and cuddly. 

Did you know?

Their food intake also impacts their fur quality. 

So, make sure to always feed them a balanced diet. 

 Studying ingredients will always keep you updated, and when you become an expert, you can even cook a nutritious meal for them at home. 

 There are some special care food products available in both dry dog food and wet dog food category, these help in keeping their nutrition level high when they are going through some medical vulnerabilities.

 It’s best to be sure about what to feed them, but what’s even more important is how much to feed them? Ask the vet about their feeding proportion for a balanced diet to do its job. This will keep them away from being overweight and other medical problems. 

 Treats are also a part of their life which gives them a perfect snack time. Make sure to buy the flavourful and best dog treats online. Apart from that, you should always keep fresh water available for your pet dog especially while they are having a meal.

Grooming Dogs at Home

Constant grooming is a part of their healthy wellbeing, and a healthy regime keeps them perfect from all ends at all times. Keeping a pet healthy and safe helps them increase their life span. So, it’s essential to stay up to date with all the standards of dog grooming so that you can help them stay happy.

What includes in Dog Grooming?

  • Constant brushing to keep their fur away from matting
  • Using sulphate free and silicone-free shampoos and conditioners  
  • Following vet’s guidance to keep them away from ticks, fleas and other parasitic infestations
  • Choose a soft towel for your pet so that the rubbing won’t cause any irritation on their skin

Keep a check on their toenails, make sure to clip them when they grow bigger. You can easily find nail clipping tools online to complete this job. While you think that it’s not much of a job, make sure to seek someone who is experienced so that they can train you. And you can then do it the next time. Their toes contain “quick” which often gets cut and there’s blood release. Therefore, never try it on your own at least if you are doing it for the first time. 

Make sure that their fur is properly groomed because the bigger it gets; it can attract several allergies and parasites. Giving them a proper haircut with time helps in keeping their fur cleaned. Try it at home or seek a professional’s help, you will easily find groomers online.

Look for the best dog grooming essentials online such as dog grooming shampoos, dog tick shampoo online, conditioners, dog brush and other bathing essentials online.

Oral wellbeing is also a part of their grooming therefore look for the best and soft brushes and toothpaste online. Make sure to brush their teeth every day to keep them away from all dental infections. Keep a check on their gums and tongue, it’s an alert if their colour is changed. You can opt for various dental chews and toys which help in keeping their dental health strong.

Comfort first approach while exploring accessories

Look for comfortable accessories that won’t harm their skin so that they can wear them all day long without any obstacle. It is advised to look for collars, leashes and harness that are strong with harmless layer on their neck so that even a pull won’t irritate them. Choosing good accessories to help them during their walking, keeps them away from accidents, and in your control even when they feel agitated towards other street animals. 

Space is good sometimes, even for pets. They must have access to their own separate space their belongings such as separate bowls, bed, mat and toys. Explore the best dog beds online and look for the ones with cushioned accessories because those are much cosier than the regular beds. The bigger the cosier, the beds have huge space, so that they can stretch all the way they want.

Look for the perfect paw accessories such as shoes and socks. 

Why do they need these?

Paws are sensitive, and when they are running over hot pavement, it could harm them in many ways. Therefore, choosing the suitable paw accessory helps in keeping them away from any harm.

Keep them entertained

Dogs often get bored after following a fixed schedule. That’s when toys come into the picture. Let their collection outstand even yours when you were a child. Playing helps reduce anxiety in dogs and keeps them energetic and motivated all the time. There are different categories of dog toys that sustains unique traits to help your pet dog become agile, energetic and intelligent. Below are a few categories with their details so that you can understand and buy the best dog toys online:

Plush Toys: These are the comfortable and cosy ones, made of soft material so that they can bite all the way they want. These are the best cuddle toys for your pet dogs and are available in different varieties.

Squeaker Toys: These are the talkative ones. These are a combination of plush toys, chew toys and throw toys with a squeaker inside. It keeps you alert about their presence all the time.

Throw/Fetch/Rope Toys: These are some of the best entertainments for dogs because these give them a boost for running. They become highly responsive when around these toys. These toys help in enhancing the bond between pets and pet parents.

Interactive Toys: These are again the highly responsive dog toys which include puzzles, situations and more which make dogs highly interested to play. All interactive toys are made to enhance their understanding and make them intelligent.

Chew Toys: They are the best toys that help in keeping their dental hygiene strong. These are made with non-toxic material so that even if they chew it won’t harm their teeth. These toys help in reducing tartar and plaque build-up.

Helping them socialise

 Socialising always help, even in the case of dogs. It helps them become confident, happy, polite and peaceful. Making your pet meeting someone for the first time involves a lot of things such as:

  • Giving your pet their space in becoming comfortable around new folks or even animals.
  • It helps in boosting their overall confidence.
  • They can get a new play partner. However, their playtime should always be supervised. 
  • Socialising helps in achieving acceptance, it helps them become less aggressive and more friendly. 
  • They will easily become used to new places, such as shifting to a new place, going to a different park or walking in a different street.

Pet parenting boosts our inner paternal instincts, and we start caring for our pets even more with time. No one’s perfect at pet parenting, what matters is how much are we making an effort to be better at it, at the end, it’s all about keeping our pet healthy and happy. Follow these tips to become a happy hooman for their happy pets.

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